Prezentt: Interact With Your Audience As You Present Your Presentation

Let’s say you are a presenter presenting your proposal before potential investors at an event. The audience seem interested, they even applaud your presentation and laugh at your jokes. However, after a seemingly successful presentation, no one contacts you! The question in such a case will be, what went wrong? Perhaps you weren’t engaging enough …

How To Make An Effective B2B Sales Presentation

B2B or Business-to-Business sales is tougher than B2C (Business-to-Consumer). This is because you are not selling a product or service to novice users with a caveat emptor approach but industry experts who would be more demanding than the average Joe.

6 Mistakes To Avoid During Your Investor Presentation

Investor presentation mistakes

Investor presentations are tough, especially if you go in before your audience without a plan. People who have been in the market for too long tend to be cocky about their ability to woo an audience. Even if you think you’re as good as Steve Jobs, you won’t get very far just on confidence alone. …