Tips on How to Deliver an Effective Interview Presentation

Interviewing for a job is always nerve-wracking, whether you are just starting to climb the career ladder or have been working for years. Sometimes, this process goes beyond the usual one-on-one interview. Interview presentations are often required for positions that are involved in communications, sales, and other client-facing jobs. Interview presentations usually cover subjects that …

Best Behavioral Economics Marketing Strategies and Presentation Ideas

Loss Aversion

Sometimes, the price of a product isn’t as low as perceived by the consumer. However, certain connotations such as using psychological pricing (e.g., $0.99) can shift consumer preference in an irrational way towards a product. Understanding this behavior requires understanding how people think and behave, regardless of what might appear rational. This is best understood …

Create Amazing Videos & Presentations with Animoto

Animoto Video

Footage recorded via digital cameras and smartphones can often go unused as many people lack video editing skills. However, there are web services like Animoto that can help you convert your video clips, photos and other types of digital media into video stories and presentations. Using Animoto is as easy as making PowerPoint slides.