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When creating presentations, it’s always a challenge to maintain that delicate balance of information and entertainment. You have something important that you want to say or you may want to persuade your audience to a different way of thinking. You may also want them to act on something, like buy a product or sign up for a service. Whatever your reasons are, you should always strive to make sure your audience stays long enough to hear you out. Presentations may do the trick as long as you know what to do to really make the most of your slides. Zoho Show can take care of all your presentation needs.


Zoho Show Helps You Create Engaging Presentations

Zoho Show is an online presentation tool that allows you to collaborate in real time. It helps you create one-of-a-kind presentations that you can easily share with others as you create it and once it’s done.

With Zoho Show, you can create a presentation and work on it together with your team even if you’re all far from each other. You can access Zoho Show using any device, anytime and anywhere, as well as see just what changes have been made by other members of your team.

Zoho Show works well with Microsoft Office documents and is compatible with PowerPoint. To further help you out, you can use Zoho Show’s own collection of preset themes and template. These will allow you to have a professional-looking and cohesive slideshow that can also be customized to reflect your brand or personality.


Easy Collaboration with Web-Based Slideshow Tool

Because it’s web based, you can easily open your Zoho Show project anywhere and in any device. Then, if you want to work on something else or if you have to be on the road, you can just pick up where you left of easily, without missing a beat. Any changes to your presentation can also be easily seen so you and your team are always on the same page.

All edits and feedback are reflected in real time, so you can be sure that your presentation is always in the latest version. Furthermore, you can import multiple file types as well as use various animations and transitions to spruce up your slides. Just make sure to go easy on these so that your audience will not get too distracted from the message of your slideshow.


Use the Free Version or Upgrade to the Paid Version

Once you’re done, you can share your finished slideshow by embedding it on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or in your websites and blogs. Furthermore, you can broadcast your presentation simultaneously to multiple viewers anywhere in the world.


Zoho Show is available as a free presentation tool with full collaborative and easy sharing features. It also has different tools to help you create eye-catching slideshows.

Zoho Show

The tool is also available as a paid version, which offers additional storage and additional license for more than one user. Paid versions will also allow you to get the latest updates, as well as use password protection and administration control features.

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