Prezi Business Offers Amazing Features For Easy Collaboration & Effective Presentations

When it comes to visual storytelling and dynamic presentations, nothing beats Prezi. A refreshing, vibrant and dynamic change from slides, Prezi allows you to have a powerful presentation using a limitless blank canvas. And it’s amazing.

And if that’s not enough, Prezi has built a suite specially made for business; allowing you to build your business through compelling pitches. Prezi Business provides a shift in approach that deviates from the stiff structure of slides. The result is a more dynamic, collaborative, creative, and engaging dialogue that can give businesses an edge by keeping viewers entertained from beginning to end.

What Prezi Business Does?

Prezi Business is just like Prezi, which zooms in and out to a virtually endless canvas to hone in on your data, messages, or ideas to create an engaging and dynamic presentation. What sets Prezi Business apart from original Prezi is that the former is specially created for business teams.

Basically, Prezi Business is just like the original. It has the same canvas format instead of the usual slides, and a presentation can jump from one topic to another by zooming in and out as well as panning to certain parts of the canvas.

It banks on spatial dimension and motion to keep the audience engaged as you elaborate about your message. Whether you’re presenting your latest product or trying to convince potential investors to bet their money on your startup, Prezi Business changes the landscape of presenting with a much more engaging and more memorable format. Because of its structure, you can jump to and from different topics with ease, or even fast forward to another idea without having to flip through slides; something that PowerPoint and other similar programs can’t do.
For businesses, Prezi Business makes it easy to step off the rigid corporate atmosphere of the presentation and really connect and have a conversation with your audience.

Streamlined Interface Makes Building Presentations Easy

Prezi Business offers a streamlined interface, which allows teams to better work together to create presentations and more efficiently deliver them for best results. Creating a presentation is much more simplified and anyone can create stunning presentations, even for novice users and those without any design skills.

You can begin by choosing from a wide range of pre-designed and customizable Prezi templates that are designed to serve as a road map or mind map structure from which you can begin your own presentation. These templates use the same idea as the free PowerPoint templates you can find within PowerPoint and in other online resources. These help you get started with creating your Prezi without feeling overwhelmed by a mere blank canvas.

There is an overview, which shows topics clustered neatly and distinctly together. This makes it easy to view just how your own presentation will flow as you put your own content and customize the visuals. You can also add subtopics if you wish to elaborate more on your ideas.

More Interactive and Engaging Presentations with Progressive Disclosure Feature

Because of its expansive structure and mind map approach to presenting, you are pushed to be more conversational and allow more interaction with your audience. You can access your content in any order with just a flip of a button or a tap of your finger, depending on what tool you use to show your presentation.

What’s unique about Prezi Business, however, is its new feature, i.e. Progressive Disclosure. This allows you to zoom into a topic in your presentation. Not only that; the overview layer disappears and all the information under that is revealed. This adds more oomph to your presentation while helping you avoid distracting clutter in your canvas.

Collaborate and Publish with Prezi Business’s Unique New Features

These days, many productivity apps come with built-in collaboration and sharing feature that typically uses cloud storage. Prezi Business also has that and more.

Prezi Business allows you and your team to co-create a presentation and view your changes and updates in real time using Advanced Collaboration. You can also see who made which changes, so you don’t have to go back and forth with team members for updates.

Of course, you can work on Prezis together in person or remotely. What sets Prezi Business apart and up a notch, however, is that it is integrated with Slack, a communication and collaboration app that puts all your team’s messages, archives, files, and searches all in one place so you can seamlessly work together. With Slack, you can receive notifications anytime someone made a comment on your Prezi or if a client is viewing it.

Aside from these neat features, there’s also another that Prezi Business has that many other programs don’t, i.e. Prezi Analytics. This functionality allows you to gather data on how your Prezi is performing among its viewers. This provides reliable and valuable insight into your Prezi which you can use for your business. Furthermore, a Company Leaderboard feature also shows you who the most active team members are on Prezi projects and which Prezi is most viewed by your audience.

By far, Prezi Business offers a huge potential of changing the landscape not only of business presentations, but also of teams working together on presentation projects. For those who are used to PowerPoint presentation, Prezi Business is definitely worth a try.

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