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Automatically Create PowerPoint Presentations with Microsoft 365 Copilot


Spending endless hours making PowerPoint presentations, drafting emails, making spreadsheets, or writing lengthy reports might become a thing of the past. Microsoft 365 Copilot is Microsoft’s AI-powered productivity tool that can help you with your everyday laborious tasks, by working on your behalf to generate the information you need to get things done at the …

How to Use the IF Function in Excel

budgeting application for if function

When you’re using Excel, it’s easy to be daunted by formula and function. This is especially true when you have just started using it for your data. However, once you get the hang of it, you will see how helpful Excel can be, especially when it comes to making sense out of a large amount …

How to Transpose a Table in PowerPoint

If you need to transpose a table in PowerPoint then this article can be helpful. Unfortunately PowerPoint do not have an option to transpose a matrix or table but we can rely on Excel for this task. Microsoft Excel let you paste the table using the transpose format, which is very helpful if you need …

A Guidebook on Templates: Types, Benefits and Examples

In our everyday business or personal life, we usually happen to develop certain types of documents, and designs for our different business, marketing, educational or personal needs. These specific documents, if designed on a specific set pattern, will fulfill the design-based, professional and acceptable requirements of that certain activity or purpose. These types of documents …

How to Install Microsoft Office on Apple iPad? (Download Microsoft Office Apps for iPad)

Microsoft has at last launched its long-awaited Office applications for iPad, including PowerPoint, Word, and Excel. These applications offer much-anticipated features, but also impose certain limitations for iPad users. This article explores the key capabilities and restrictions of Office for iPad, and how to do a PowerPoint presentation on an iPad.