The Best AI Presentation Makers in 2024 (Complete Review)

Last updated on March 6th, 2024

Creating an engaging presentation is an art that is perfected over time with the right tools and technology. AI-powered presentation makers have emerged as a game-changer, streamlining the process of crafting presentations that captivate and communicate effectively.

In this article, we use years of experience in presentations to bring us some of the best presentation-generation tools with AI, offering insights into the best tools available for professionals and educators alike. If you want to answer how to make presentations with AI, then this article is for you. We explore how these AI presentation makers & tools can revolutionize and streamline your presentation creation and design process.

What is an AI Presentation Tool?

An AI presentation tool leverages advanced ML (Machine Learning) and Generative AI technologies, enabling the rapid creation of presentations in a fraction of the time traditionally required. These AI tools empower users to transform a script or a just a prompt into a complete presentation, streamlining the entire process from conception to finalization.

The Impact of AI on Presentation Creation & Design Process

Tools like AI PowerPoint generators and AI PPT makers have simplified the once-daunting task of generating the presentation structure and helping during the presentation design process. One of the experts we interviewed once said:

Although these tools are not intended to replace the presentation designer at all, they are of great help to improve the process.

AI presentation makers harness sophisticated algorithms to automate design, content generation, and data visualization, transforming raw ideas into engaging slides that wow your audience. This evolution not only saves valuable time but also ensures that presentations are visually appealing.

Here are some ways AI websites to make presentations can help you during the presentation design and generation process:

  • Generate the structure of your presentation based on a prompt or topic idea. AI PPT makers and ChatGPT can help outline the structure of your presentation, suggesting an order for your slides that logically flows from one point to the next.
  • Generate the content of the presentation. AI presentation tools can generate text for slides, including introductions, conclusions, bullet points for topics, and detailed explanations of complex subjects.
  • Generate relevant images for your presentation (e.g. using DALL-E or MidJourney)
  • Propose design tips and ideas for your presentation (color palettes, styles, etc.)
  • Preparation of Q&A Sessions. AI can suggest potential questions your audience might ask, along with answers, to help you prepare for the Q&A session.
  • Writing the speech of your presentation. For presentations that include spoken components, AI tools can write speeches or talking points for each slide to help you communicate your message effectively.

We reviewed over a dozen AI presentation makers & tools to create presentations with the help of AI. While some of the ChatGPT presentation makers not meet our initial expectations about the results achieved, we aimed to avoid bias in our selection and also considered testing tools that work with popular formats like .pptx files by PowerPoint or those compatible with Google Slides. Some of the best AI presentation tools have prohibitive prices and are very expensive for most users, but there are others with free tiers in their plans page, or they are 100% free AI presentation tools. that can be tested by anyone.

In-Depth Reviews of the Best AI-Powered Presentation Tools in 2024

Here is a list of AI websites to make presentations.

1. SlideModel.AI – AI Presentation Maker

As the icing on the cake, SlideModel.AI stands out as a modern AI Presentation Maker and PowerPoint generator tool. It offers a variety of presentation templates and design elements from the vast catalog of templates available on

SlideModel.AI is a professional AI presentation tool that uses generative AI to allow the users create presentations in minutes rather than hours.

Starting from a prompt, this AI PowerPoint generator let the user generate the structure and content of the presentation with the help of Artificial Intelligence, crafting slides that are aesthetically pleasing and aligned with the user’s message and audience expectations. It is quickly becoming an indispensable tool for those looking to create impactful presentations with minimal effort.

Go to SlideModel.AI

2. Gamma App

Gamma App is one of the AI slideshow makers out there, offering innovative features that breathe life into presentations. With its slideshow AI capabilities, Gamma ensures that your presentations are not only informative but also interactive and engaging.

Example of presentation generated with AI in - Building a Mars Colony
Example of presentation generated with AI in – Building a Mars Colony

3. is renowned for its AI presentation maker prowess, providing users with smart design recommendations and a collection of editable templates. It simplifies the creation process, allowing you to focus on content while it takes care of aesthetics.

In our experience, is one of the most compelling tools to create professional presentations online, and a robust alternative to PowerPoint & Google Slides.

This AI presentation tool, which has been on the market for several years, surpasses in quality and functionalities many of the other recent tools that emerged and have grown very quickly, such as Gamma and

Example of Workspace View in Beautiful AI presentation maker tool
Example of Workspace View in Beautiful AI presentation maker tool

4. Tome App – AI Content Maker

Tome App leverages ChatGPT PPT maker prompts to offer a unique blend of AI-driven content creation and design flexibility. Its ability to generate engaging content and dynamic designs made it grow very quickly. Tome app for presentation can be used to generate creative presentations with the help of generative AI algorithms.

In our experience and especially from the tests we have carried out in the lab, Tome App is not a big deal for serious presenters, who can benefit from other more robust AI tools and with more professional results aligned with the business world. While the way to present their content is innovative, it lacks of some essential features that are useful for PowerPoint users.

Example of presentation slide created with
Example of presentation slide created with

Go to

5. – Create and Share Beautiful Presentations integrates seamlessly with Google Slides AI, enabling users to create, share, and collaborate on presentations with ease. Its robust analytics and presentation tools help you gauge audience engagement and refine your presentations for maximum impact.

Although Pitch recently changed its CEO, and fired more than 2/3 of its employees (with the goal of resetting organic growth over hyper-growth), the platform showed promise as an AI presentation maker. However, let’s see from now on how it evolves with these changes.

Homepage of presentation maker
Homepage of presentation maker

Go to

6. DeckRobot – Online Presentation Maker for Beautiful Slides

DeckRobot is another online presentation tool that let you create beautiful slides and presentations for me with a few clicks. You can create PowerPoint slides in second using DeckRobot, and use it as an alternative to PowerPoint.

Tailored to cater PowerPoint users, the presentation designs created with DeckRobot transform presentation drafts into polished presentations that adhere to corporate branding guidelines. This AI maker can be used to generate AI slideshows and ensure consistency and professionalism in every slide.

In our experience and internal tests, presentations created with DeckRobot were not as outstanding as we imagined.

DeckRobot homepage - AI presentation generator tool
DeckRobot homepage – AI presentation generator tool

Preview DeckRobot

7. offers a quick solution to anyone looking to design a presentation with ChatGPT. Presentations AI focus on design and customization. This AI presentation maker help everyone to efforlessly tell visual stories with the help of generative AI. Its generate AI Slide Show that streamlines the creation & presentation design process, making it a go-to tool for efficient and effective presentations.

Example of Homepage by Presentations.AI
Example of Homepage by Presentations.AI

Go to Presentations.AI

8. SlidesAI – Presentation Maker to Create Engaging Slides for Google Slides

SlidesAI is another one of AI-driven design tools for creating presentations, offering slides AI free options that cater to budget-conscious users without compromising on quality. Unlike other AI presentation makers, SlidesAI focuses in creating slides and presentations for Google Slides (not PowerPoint).

Slides AI Homepage
Slides AI Homepage

Go to

9. SlidesGPT – Create Presentations with ChatGPT

SlidesGPT is another promising AI presentation maker with ChatGPT technology to create presentations online, offering a new dimension to the traditional presentation format. AI PowerPoint powered by ChatGPT API that let you create presentations directly in ChatGPT with the new GPT. In our experience, it worth to give this ChatGPT PPT maker prompt a try.

SlidesGPT AI PowerPoint Presentations Homepage with Prompt and Create Deck Button - ChatGPT PPT maker prompt
SlidesGPT AI PowerPoint Presentations Homepage with Prompt and Create Deck Button

10. MagicSlides

MagicSlides is presented as the best AI slide generator, providing users with dynamic and interactive presentation features that captivate audiences and convey messages powerfully. Although, in our experience there are many other more robust presentation designer tools that employes AI to generate presentations, like SlideModel AI or Beautiful.AI.

MagicSlides Homepage
MagicSlides Homepage

11. Decktopus – Presentation Maker Tool

Decktopus is another slideshow generator with AI that simplifies the presentation design process, offering user-friendly tools and a collection of slide templates that cater to various needs and industries. Decktopus can create a presentation for me using generative AI.

Example of SEO Projects Report Presentation Deck - Decktopus Homepage
Example of SEO Projects Report Presentation Deck – Decktopus Homepage

12. Presentation Tool enhances presentations with expert-driven content and robust data visualization tools, making it an ideal choice for professionals looking to make an impact. Presentation Tool Presentation Tool

13. Simplified – AI Presentation Maker

This tool stands out for its integration with different presentation platforms, like Canva, offering an array of design options and content generation capabilities that cater to creative professionals. Also, the tool focuses in helping users to create a variety of presentation decks, including sale pitch, product design presentations, fundraising pitch decks, product launch presentations and pitch decks of successful companies.

Simplified - AI Presentation Maker
Simplified – AI Presentation Maker

14. Plus AI – AI Presentation Maker to Supercharge your Slides

Plus AI shines in its ability to convert documents into presentations, offering a streamlined approach to presentation creation that saves time and enhances productivity. You can use Plus AI to create a presentation with AI.

Plus AI Presentation Generator Tool Homepage
Plus AI Presentation Generator Tool Homepage

15. Canva – AI Presentation Maker

Canva promises that you can create slides with seconds using AI, and create a captivating presentation, with the help of Magic Design for Presentations. This is their AI-powered tool for generating presentations and make them compatible with Canva.

While you can start using the free AI Presentation Maker tool provided by Canva, chances are that you are required to purchase a subscription to use the Pro features. In a separate topic, we will review Magic Design and how to use Magic Design to create a presentation. Still, in our expert’s experience, we believe you can try it. However, in our opinion, trying some of the other AI presentation makers with robust solutions instead, like Beautiful.AI would be recommended, and also consider checking the differences between Canva vs PowerPoint to help you decide which tool to use.

Example of Canva Homepage for AI Presentation Maker
Example of Canva Homepage for AI Presentation Maker

16. SendSteps

SendSteps introduces an interactive dimension to presentations, enabling real-time audience feedback and engagement through its innovative platform.

17. is an alternative to Tome app and other presentation makers that let you generate presentations with the help of AI.

18. ChatBA (Formerly ChatBCG), formerly known as, is another AI presentation maker with the focus on Generative AI for Slides. This AI-powered tool is designed to create the presentation content with the help of artificial intelligence, leveraging the power of generative AI to transform basic concepts into visually stunning presentation slides. lets users input their presentation goals and content ideas, and the platform’s AI algorithms take over. In our lab test, two things caught our attention that we want to notice in this review: The app is not as responsible as it is supposed to be. We were not impressed with the results after testing some prompts (it seems like the output is just the content generated by ChatGPT and placed in a very basic presentation slide).

ChatBA Presentation Maker
ChatBA Presentation Maker

19. DrLambda AI

DrLambda.AI is another recent AI slide maker for presentations that focuses on AI-driven content optimization, ensuring that presentations are not only visually striking but also content-rich and tailored to the audience’s interests. It is presented as a robo-assistant for slides and posts.

DrLambda AI

20. SlidesPilot AI Presentation Maker is another AI presentation maker that allows you to create or convert text to PowerPoint faster with its built-in AI CoPilot. Instead of creating presentations from scratch, you can use the AI presentation maker to craft the presentation content and design in minutes. Enter the presentation topic or ideas and the AI maker will create an informative presentation with a beautiful design. You can also pick a presentation theme at the creation time.

SlidesPilot AI Presentation Maker
Example of AI-generated presentation with SlidesPilot tool

If you are running out of time, you can use SlidesPilot to generate the content of your presentation. It is suitable for business and education purposes, and it contains an AI presentation maker and PowerPoint image generator tool which leverages AI to generate images for your presentations.

21. SlideSpeak

SlideSpeak is another presentation tool that let you create presentations with AI. It presents itself as ChatGPT for PowerPoint slides and documents. Using SlidePeak you can generate presentations from text. With SlideSpeak you can generate summaries, presentations and documents with Artificial Intelligence.

SlideSpeak AI generation tool
Example of AI generated PowerPoint presentation with SlideSpeak

Criteria for Selecting AI-Powered Presentation Tools

When reviewing the different AI presentation tools, generators and AI websites to make presentations in this article, it was crucial to consider several factors.

The best AI presentation maker Reddit threads and online forums suggest looking for tools that offer intuitive interfaces, a range of design options, and seamless integration with existing platforms like Google Slides AI or with features to export and continue editing in PowerPoint, like the case of SlideModel.AI.

Additionally, the best free AI tools for presentations are those that provide a balance between comprehensive features and cost-effectiveness, ensuring that your presentations stand out without breaking the bank.

Emerging Trends and Future Directions in AI-Powered Presentations

As we look to the future, AI in presentation creation is poised for further innovation. Emerging trends suggest a move towards more personalized and interactive presentations, leveraging AI to create slides that not only inform but also engage and adapt to the audience in real-time.

Also, let’s not dismiss Copilot for PowerPoint. Since Microsoft is the owner of PowerPoint and has an undisputed presence in the world of presentations, it is the natural leader in this area. With its Copilot for PowerPoint solution, it promises to revolutionize the world of presentations with AI, although we have doubts about how accessible it is for the business and educational world in general, since the price for using Copilot is above a basic Microsoft Office subscription.

FAQ Section

Can ChatGPT Create Presentations?

Yes, ChatGPT can help create presentations in several ways, although it cannot directly manipulate presentation software like PowerPoint or Google Slides. ChatGPT can assist in the creation of presentations in the following ways:
Generating the structure of the presentation
Generating the content of the presentation
Generating images for the presentation using DALL-E
Writing the speech or script of the presentation
Helping in preparing the Q&A session
ChatGPT can also help providing design tips for your presentations, like color palettes and styles.

How can a PPT AI tool help in the presentation design process?

A PPT maker powered by AI can help to boost productivity while preparing and designing presentations. You can use a PPT Maker or AI tool to help during the different phases of the presentation design process, also in generating content ideas and topics for your presentations.

Are AI Presentation Makers an Alternative to PowerPoint?

AI Presentation Makers can complement other presentation tools, including PowerPoint. PowerPoint can still be used as a presentation tool, and in fact, it has some positive features that can help you save time and energy creating presentations. You can use AI Presentation Makers to start crafting the presentation and its content and then make the final touches and edit in PowerPoint before delivering the presentation.

Final Thoughts

The evolution of AI-powered presentation tools represents a significant leap forward in how we communicate ideas and information. From AI PowerPoint generators to slides AI free options, these tools offer a range of solutions to suit every need and budget. By embracing these innovations, professionals and educators can enhance their presentation capabilities, ensuring their messages are not only heard but also remembered.

We encourage you to explore the vast possibilities offered by these best free AI tools for presentations. Experiment with different options, share your experiences, and join the conversation on how AI is reshaping the landscape of presentations. Your insights will contribute to a growing community of forward-thinking individuals who are harnessing the power of AI to communicate more effectively than ever before.

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