21+ Presentation Background Templates (Free Download)

Last updated on January 2nd, 2021

Cover slide with a creative presentation background

Preparing a presentation can be mentally and physically draining. This is especially true for those who are looking to finish their presentations within a tight deadline. Fortunately, there are some good & creative resources available to download free PowerPoint templates & backgrounds to ease the burden of making presentation slides. Using great backgrounds and a good design will help to keep your audience engaged & enable you to deliver an effective message, which is the ultimate goal for any presenter. Our list of presentation background templates can help you make your presentations visually appealing, while easing your burden of designing great looking slides amidst a tight deadline.

1. Free Coral Presentation Background

This free coral presentation background can be a good fit for holiday season presentations. This template has a generic coral background, with shimmering lights that can be used for giving a festive look to your slides. The design of the template is like a holiday presentation background, which can be adjusted to a wide range of festive topics.

Since the template provides ample space for adding content at the center of sample slides, you get a canvas for showcasing your reports, charts, infographics and timelines with a subtle, coral background that can be adapted to different presentation topics.

Free Coral Presentation Background

Get a free coral presentation background and make your slides more engaging.View & Download

2. Green Virus Presentation Background for PowerPoint

Since the spread of COVID-19, it is hard to avoid the topic during presentations. Be it schools, offices or freelance work, the way we interact has changed and it is often needed to discuss the constraints and precautions related to avoiding infection.

The Green Virus Presentation Background for PowerPoint is perfect for presentations related to COVID-19. The PowerPoint presentation background in this template provides images of the Novel Coronavirus, with a green virus themed background.

Green Virus Presentation Background for PowerPoint

Download the free green virus presentation background.View & Download

3. Modern Background for Presentations

Modern UI and Material Design have been around for nearly a decade. This professional presentation background takes inspiration from Modern and Material Design concepts, providing a template with a refreshingly novel design.

The title slide has block elements that are finely crafted, revealing intricate details of the design. The template is great for formal presentations and gives ample scope for refining the sample slides to suit any topic. Modern Background for Presentations

Grab the free modern background for presentations on Technology.View & Download

4. Digital Technology Presentation Background

What best represents technology in presentations? Is it digital devices, wires or technology related symbols? Perhaps what best represents technology are networks, as everything from wires, networks to devices come with intricately weaved elements.

This Digital Technology Presentation Background shows lines appearing like synapses. This theme can be used for any technology related topic, be it about social networking, artificial intelligence, search algorithms, digital devices, etc.Dark Digital Technology Presentation Background

Download the free digital technology presentation background.View & Download

5. Blue Presentation Background Design

Many presenters prefer blue as their go to color scheme for presentation designs. This is because blue often works with professional presentation background designs, not appearing too over the top during presentations. This blue presentation background can be ideally used for formal, such as business themed presentations.

The template contains a number of sample slides that can be easily adjusted according to the presenter’s needs. You can add your lists, comparisons, charts and other essential information by making good use of the whitespace provided within the sample slides. The template can also be a good option for making presentations related to media and politics, as the title slide design resembles graphical elements similar to the ones used on news channels.

Blue Presentation Background Design

Create amazing presentations with the blue business background.View & Download

6. Free Colorful Presentation Background

Some presenters will always find it important to add color to their presentations. The Free Colorful Presentation Background is for people who don’t like to shy away from using themes that are colorful and lively. Such a theme can often complement the presenter’s style, especially if he/she likes to step away from the traditional formal style of presenting slides before an audience.

Despite being colorful, this template does not appear to be visually overpowering, as the evenly matched use of gradients, solid colors and design elements ensure that you are able to deliver your presentation with text that is legible and a background that stands out. Some of the sample slides also give presenters the option to use whitespace, while retaining the colorful backdrop in the presentation slide.

Free Colorful Presentation Background

Enrich your presentations with a colorful slide theme and background.View & Download

7. Time Management Presentation Background

With a face made entirely of analogue clocks, the Time Management Presentation Background is just what you need to discuss the most elusive commodity, time! The opening slide comes with the illustration of a clock faced man, whereas the following slides make use of subtle shades of blue. If you’re looking for cool presentation backgrounds, this one is certainly one of the coolest that you are likely to find.

PowerPoint presentation background designs like these can be used for topics related to time management, quarterly performance reports, for presenting timelines and roadmaps, project management and the like. This time management background also gives a symbolic association of time with intelligence. Representing time as a commodity that can affect performance, depending upon the way it is used.

Time Management Presentation Background

Prepare business presentations on time management with this brain concept background.View & Download

8. Business Presentation Background

This Business Presentation Background gives a formal outlook by depicting one of the most important parts of doing business, i.e. shaking hands. Perhaps nothing describes a partnership visually better than two people shaking hands to seal a deal, start a partnership or reach an agreement. This is captured in this template with the visual aid of a high-quality image added to a solid colored sidebar.

The image of two people shaking hands is added to different elements of sample slides, giving presenters the choice of adjusting the symbolic image with whitespace to emphasize their point of view. While this generic business template can be used for any type of formal presentation topic, it is best suited for ones related to something associated with partnership, an agreement or anything related to ‘doing business’.

Business Presentation Background

Make business presentations for proposals with a unique background.View & Download

9. Presentation Background with Hexagonal Style

With a honeycomb like hexagonal style, this template takes the concept of blue presentation backgrounds and adds a shiny white flair to it. The white light embedded in the hexagon network presents technology in a novel way. The overall template design is very eye-catching. You can easily use this background to instantly create an onscreen impact by simply adding bits and pieces of information to the original design.

What makes presentation background themes like these good presentation backgrounds are the graphical elements that are designed to give an optical illusion that can instantly make heads turn. The white lines in the honeycomb shape appear to be like electricity passing through a network. This is complemented by a subtle light blue space for introducing your topic.

The sample slides give a mix of both the electrifying outlook of the title slide and whitespace to balance out the design for content slides. Making it easy for presenters to make adjustments for presenting their content without visually overpowering the viewer.Presentation Background with Hexagonal Style

Download a free creative presentation background with hexagonal styles.View & Download

10. Color Presentation Background

If you like to use PowerPoint presentation backgrounds that are artistically crafted with the use of colorful graphics, the Color Presentation background given below is just what you need. The background resembles the coral reef or the burst of colors when a paint brush is dipped in water. Unlike most pink presentation background designs, this one makes use of the color masterfully.

This is one of those artistic PowerPoint presentation background designs that are rather anamorphic. You can make use of this beautifully crafted background to show your artistic side with a background that is likely to dazzle your audience.

Color Presentation Background

Create eye-catching presentations with a creative art background concept.View & Download
Create eye-catching presentations with a creative art background concept.View & Download

11. Background Template with Astronaut

When people think of presentation background images related to outer space, a green presentation background is seldom what they have in mind. Unlike the conventional black slide designs related to space, this background makes perfect use of a green color scheme to present space exploration. The template depicts an astronaut and earth in the background, with space for adding a title and subtitle.

Whether you want to discuss Elon Musk’s plans to colonize Mars, the rise of SpaceX as a company specializing in space technology, the findings of a NASA mission or need to make a presentation about space exploration, this is the right template for you.

Unlike the dull black or grey space presentation backgrounds, using a green slide deck can also help you create slides that are easy on the eyes and can help you avoid using a background that appears dull in the dark when presenting your slides.Background Template with Astronaut

An otherworldly presentations background.View & Download

12. Machine Learning Presentation Background

With large IT companies with millions of servers estimating the needs of users to serve them targeted advertisements, machines are learning more about human preferences than many people realize. The Machine Learning Presentation Background makes good use of this concept in the form of background which depicts a brain consisting of circuits.

With this background you can discuss AI, modern technology, search algorithms, targeted advertisement, tracking cookies or even a sci-fi theme with a background that can serve your topic with equally matched imagery. This background goes beyond conventional blue themes, by incorporating imagery that is more detailed and eye-popping than conventional blue slide decks.

Machine Learning Presentation Background

Download a presentation background with a slide theme for AI topics.View & Download

13. Presentation Background

Cybersecurity and biometric verification have become a hot topic amidst the rise of cybercrime globally. While there were always methods used by hackers to breach even the most secure passwords, fingerprint theft is a new dimension of cybercrime. This presentation background depicts a fingerprint, with binary numbers in the backdrop. The overall theme of the template is cybersecurity and forensic investigation.

The template can be used for not only cybercrime related presentations but for topics associated with forensic investigation, crime in general and security measures that can be used to prevent crime. With a little bit of content, you can make this slide deck quite self-explanatory, as the background gives a powerful message to the audience regarding the modes of securing an account, automatically raising questions about data security with symbolic graphics.

Presentation Background

A background template for presentations on cybersecurity.View & Download

14. Data Security PowerPoint Template

This is another cyber and data security themed PowerPoint template. You can not only use it for discussing cybersecurity, computer networks and data security but also use it as a research presentation background for presenting your findings related to a relevant topic.

The template serves as a useful slide deck for both data security software and hardware related discussions, as well as forensics. Furthermore, you can even use the template to create pitch decks related to cybersecurity products that you might be looking to pitch to your clients.

Data Security PowerPoint Template

Grab a background for presentations on Data Security topicsView & Download

15. Free Designer PowerPoint Template

There are few formal presentation backgrounds for PowerPoint that provide specific designs for making a digital resume. The Free Designer PowerPoint Template is meant for people looking to create digital resumes. the template can also be used for other purposes, such as to discuss graphic designing, digital design, to create a portfolio for your digital work, etc.

The template uses a simple photo of a digital designer, with different color filters representing photo filters and eras symbolically. This gives the template an interesting design for presenting digital resumes and portfolios with imagery that can help impress your audience.

Free Designer PowerPoint Template

A free presentation background with an image of a digital freelancer.View & Download

16. Technology Background for PowerPoint Presentations

Sometimes you need a flashy background design to get the message across to your audience. This Technology Background for PowerPoint comes with a dark color scheme and technology themed design.

The purple PowerPoint presentation background in the template is quite attention grabbing. The overall look and feel of the template is a bit like a sci-fi illustration. You can use this vibrant background design for technology related presentations where you want to be a little visually loud regarding the content you intend to present.Technology Background for PowerPoint

Grab this technology presentation template with purple and black colors.View & Download

17. Geometric Shapes Presentation Template

Geometric shapes are a design style often overlooked in presentation backgrounds for PowerPoint. This Geometric shapes background has been created with exceptional intricacy. The shapes come with shades of green, with a mix of black color. This is a formal presentation template which can be used for anything from class lectures to business presentations.

This is one of those templates that use a mix of light and dark colors to create a background that is easy on the eyes, yet eye-popping. The text legibility has also been ensured with the use of whitespace and solid colors with white text in sample slides. This template is available for both PowerPoint and Google Slides.Geometric Shapes

Creative background for presentations in PowerPoint & Google SlidesView & Download

18. Corporate PowerPoint Background

The Corporate PowerPoint Background is a formal slide deck which depicts a skyscraper. The background can be used for themes like business and architecture. This slide background for presentation designs related to formal content can be a great way to showcase architectural designs or business trends, data and forecasts.

This is one of those corporate backgrounds that weave HD images with graphical elements to create something suitable for formal presentation topics. While providing the presenter space for maneuvering their topic by adding content to generic slides.

Corporate PowerPoint Background

A corporate building presentation background with blue tones.View & Download

19. Business Executive Presentation

When we think of a business executive, the first thing that comes to mind is usually a man or woman in a suite. The Business Executive Presentation Template makes good use of shades of navy blue color. Templates like these are a good fit for business presentations, especially when you’re pressed for time and need a deck that does not appear loud or visually overpowering.

This is a safe template to use for business presentations, considering that the design is unlikely to set off any red flags regarding the professionalism of the presenter. This is because some people in a business setting can consider colorful slide decks to be unprofessional and non-serious. This template, on the contrary, gives just the right mix of imagery for business executives to present their content in style.

Business Executive Presentation

Formal presentation background for business topics.View & Download

20. Airplane Wing Presentation Background

While air travel has seen its fair share of suffering during COVID-19, an airplane is still one of the most powerful images associated with travel and tourism. The Airplane wing Presentation background can therefore be a great fit for presentations about holidays, traveling and the changing landscape of the tourism industry amidst a global pandemic.

This travel themed slide deck has a sky and airplane themed background design that remains consistent across sample slides. The light blue color tone appears visually pleasant and is easy on the eyes. Making this template ideal for travel and tourism themed topics.

Airplane Wing PowerPoint Background

Grab this travel presentation background with the wing of a plane, it’s free.View & Download

21. Flame & Fire Presentation Background

Give your audience a warm feeling with the flames & fire presentation background. Designs containing fire or flames can enable you to showcase your portfolio, photos and graphical elements with a complementary background.

Backgrounds like these are useful for making photography portfolios, showcasing infographics and to present slide elements with a background that can help complement your creativity. This flame and fiery presentation theme is for presenters looking to add novelty to their slides, with a hint of their artistic sense.

Flames & Fire Presentation Background

Download the Flame & Fire PowerPoint Background for Presentations
View & Download

Final Words

We hope our collection of free presentation background templates will help you leave a great first impression on your audience by using creative presentation backgrounds. The templates in the above list are designed to be engaging for audience. To help you deliver and convey your message and wrap your content with a beautiful look & feel.

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