Prezentt: Interact With Your Audience As You Present Your Presentation

Let’s say you are a presenter presenting your proposal before potential investors at an event. The audience seem interested, they even applaud your presentation and laugh at your jokes. However, after a seemingly successful presentation, no one contacts you! The question in such a case will be, what went wrong? Perhaps you weren’t engaging enough or your audience needed a bit more interaction.

Now imagine, you were able to interact with your audience during your investor presentation, provide them with the option to send in questions, comments and could follow up with them. Wouldn’t it make your presentation more effective? This is the rationale behind a web application known as Prezentt. The idea is to enable presenters to be able to interact with their audience during and after their presentations and to enable instant feedback in the form of comments and questions for more robust audience interaction.


How Does Prezentt Work?

To use Prezentt, you can login using a free account and begin uploading your presentation in the form of a PDF file. Many presentation applications like PowerPoint enable saving slides as PDF so turning your presentation to PDF shouldn’t be hard. Once uploaded, you can share your presentation with your audience, interact with them and follow up with potential leads. Here is a quick video overview of how Prezentt can make your presentations more effective.

Getting Started with Prezentt

You can start using Prezentt by creating a new account or use the quick sign up options by logging in using your Google Plus, Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter account. After you have logged in, click New Presentation and drag and drop a PDF file to upload it to Prezentt.

Upload PDF to Prezentt

While your file is rendering, make sure you don’t cross the window or navigate away from the page. Meanwhile, you can add a title, address of the presentation venue, short URL for your presentation and other relevant details.

Add presentation details

After your presentation is uploaded, you can preview the slides and if you’re happy with how they appear you are good to go. While you can also present your slides via browser, you can also continue using the software you’re cozy with (e.g. PowerPoint) and simply share the presentation URL with your audience so they can follow your slides online.

Preview Prezentt slides

Allow your Audience to Follow your Slides Online with Instant Feedback Options

By following your given link, your audience will be able to preview and download your slides, send you comments and questions. To send any questions or comments, users will have to login to Prezentt. Once the slides conclude, your audience will be sent the slides via email. Prezentt also provides real-time statistics and for the audience, a list of presentations they have viewed. This makes audience engagement more robust and presenters get recommendations and marketing data to detect leads and follow up with interested individuals.

Prezentt presentation

Prezentt Video Demo

Here is a video demonstration if how you can use Prezentt.

On the whole, Prezentt serves as a simple enough web app for interacting with an audience. However, it arguably lacks features as compared to competitor products, many of which provide support for more file types, online polling options, whiteboards and presentation annotation features. Some notable mentions include; MightyMeeting, Swipe and Participoll.

We hope that Prezentt becomes more feature rich in coming days and is able to provide support for more file types. Prezentt does offer something unique as compared to competitor products in the form of audience statistics and automatic email for copies of presenter slides, however, whether you find Prezentt suitable for your presentations is solely a matter of preference.

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