PhET PowerPoint Add-in Provides Free Science & Math Simulations

Explaining scientific and mathematical concepts in the classroom is one thing but what if you can display interactive models which change as you select certain options? PhET is a PowerPoint add-in available at the Office Store, which provides a set of scientific and mathematical simulations that can be great for class lectures and for students …

ABCYA Animate Lets Children Create Animations From Drawings

ABCYa is a fun website for children which provides different types of games to help children learn new things. There are a number of interesting games for kindergarten and elementary school children and one of them is ABCYa Animate. This web app gives a whiteboard like space for children to draw, add images and text …

Room Recess: Free Educational Games For Enhancing Children’s Skills

Learning can be a lot of fun, if you can provide children with interesting ways of learning new skills. Room Recess is a website which provides free educational games for enhancing children’s skills. These come in the form of interactive browser based games designed to teach children various concepts tied to math, spelling, reading, language …

Printable Dinosaur Coloring Book For Word


Whether the child is learning in school or is being homeschooled, he/she will always be fascinated about different kinds of animals and creatures, such as dinosaurs. Dinosaurs catch children’s attention because they are big, strange, and mysterious. If you are a parent or a teacher who wants to teach children about dinosaurs and how they lived …

Animated Math Equations For PowerPoint

One might require presenting simple or complex math equations in PowerPoint for a class lecture, academic presentation or to discuss complex mathematical calculations for various other purposes. The Animated Math Equations PowerPoint Template presents math and geometry symbols in the form of editable slide objects.

School Bus Animated PowerPoint Template

The School Bus Animated PowerPoint Template uses school bus as a central theme, with infographic slides for making presentations about topics such as; students, education, school, etc.

Animated Education Puzzle PowerPoint Template

Animated Education Puzzle PowerPoint Template presents a set of slides with apple being the central theme of the template. The animations depict apple images in different layouts. These layouts can be used for various purposes such as for making educational presentations, infographics and diagrams.

Pearson Success Net: Online Education Platform For K-12

There are a number of tools and online educational platforms which enable students and teachers to interact online. While you can start your own e-learning initiative using tools as simple as Office Mix or iSpring Pro, organizing your content, test scores and providing students with access to online resources is more complicated.

Group Thesis Template For Word


Whether you are in college or in high school, or even when you are in a professional setting, there may be times that you would need to write a paper with a team or a partner. This could be a research or a study that aims to solve a problem or provide proof of your …

Widescreen Chalkboard PowerPoint Template


If you are a teacher or a student and you need to create an educational presentation in PowerPoint, nothing can be as effective than a Widescreen Chalkboard PowerPoint Template, such as the one reviewed in this post. This Chalkboard PowerPoint Template is a cloud-based template that features a realistic chalkboard look that is perfect for …