Animated Education Infographic PowerPoint Template

Teaching is no easy job and neither is presenting before an audience that needs to quickly catch up with a range of ideas and points of discussion that you are presenting. This is why making an infographic can make your job so much easier. The Animated Education Infographic PowerPoint Template is a beautiful template for making educational infographics. This template can be useful not only for teachers but also students looking to create infographic slides for their presentations at school.

Impressive Animations with Easy Editing Options

This animated template gives the easiest method for making infographics in PowerPoint; i.e. with the help of readymade slides. You can simply add text to create animated slides, as all added content is automatically played out in animated form when you run your slideshow.

Education infographic PowerPoint template

Infographic Timeline Slides

You can create infographics in the form of timelines, lists and abstract slides, by presenting your infographics in a set sequence using the available layouts. This template has some awesome timeline slides which can be perfect for making animated timelines and roadmaps by adding your own text and images.

Educational infographic timeline

These slides load slide elements upon mouse-click, when you switch to Slide Show mode. This can help you better explain each part of your timeline or roadmap before and audience, by gradually loading the complete infographic slide.

Infographic timeline slide

Vibrant Slides for Making Visually Appealing Infographics

One of the reasons this template is really worth using is because of the vibrant sample slides that it has to offer. The sample slides are quite visually appealing and are perfect for making attention grabbing presentations. Moreover, the scope for customizing each slide is quite vast, as the slides come with objects that can be individually selected.

Vibrant infographic slides

You can download a widescreen or standard version of this animated infographic template from the Presenter Media website.

Go to Presenter Media – Animated Education Infographic PowerPoint Template (Standard)

Go to Presenter Media – Animated Education Infographic PowerPoint Template (Widescreen)

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