Word Online Template For Making Collaborative Report

Professionally Designed Collaborative Report Template

Working in a group or as a collaborative partnership with others, whether for school or at work, may have its perks and challenges. Some people like to accomplish tasks alone while others thrive in a group. Still, collaboration is unavoidable, especially in terms of project management or in reports. If you are part of a …

Student Report Template For Word

Beautiful Butterfly Report Template

The life of a student has its share of challenges: deadlines, assignments, pop quizzes, home works, projects, presentations, and reports. You will always wonder about how your teacher would grade you, or how each classroom participation and activity will reflect to your grades at the end of the school year or semester.  

Academic Course Overview PowerPoint Template

Have a Professional, Formal Academic Course Overview

For teachers, every start of a school year or semester brings about new sets of young minds to educate. With this also come more changes, as teachers would need to adjust their teaching styles, classroom management and lessons, to the students, school regulation, and education breakthroughs.

Create Presentations About Your Country With State History Template

Create a Beautiful and Informative Presentation

An educational presentation needs to be visual and appealing to students, especially young ones. They need to immediately create an impact and grab their attention so they will be more attentive with your whole presentation. An effective educational presentation should also have images and other visual data. A slide full of only text can be …

PowerPoint Template for Scientific Presentations and Academic Projects

Now you can create scientific PowerPoint presentations or slideshow as well as other academic related templates with this nice atom design for PowerPoint 2013 presentations. This free PPT template features an atom symbol, and the content slides have a dark blue translucent overlay for better readability of light-colored text. You can download this free template …