Animated School PowerPoint Templates

Presentation topics which are difficult to liven up are often associated with education and nothing can be more dull than a presentation about a school! This is why you might require the aid of interesting and eye-popping slide designs to grab the attention of your audience. The Animated School PowerPoint Templates listed below can help …

Student Hall Pass Log Template For Excel

Excel 2013 Template Specially Designed for Classroom Hall Pass

If you are a teacher, then you know perfectly well how students, especially younger ones, need a system to help you more effectively manage your class. Aside from course overviews, classroom rules and interactive class presentations, you can also have a hall pass system.

Track Student Grades With Teacher’s Grade Book For Excel

Create Organized and Systematic Grading Systems for Multiple Students and Classes

A teacher’s job has its share of challenges. Managing the classroom, planning lessons, interacting with students, and ensuring that their grades are tracked are among the many things teachers have to do on a daily basis. The Office portal offers a wide variety of templates that teachers can use for their classes. 

Certificate Of Award Template For Students

Present This Certificate to Young Students and See Their Faces Light Up

Making classroom activities more fun and engaging is key to getting the attention of young children and therefore to help them learn. Colorful classrooms and educational props will help stimulate their minds and foster more effective learning. Acknowledging even the smallest achievements can also give them a sense of pride and accomplishment. So if you …

College Credit Planner For Excel Online

Be on Your Toes with This College Credit Planner Template

When you are in college, you may at least have a feel of what the so-called “real world” would be like. In college, you have enough freedom to choose the courses you would take and go where you want to go. You can create your own college schedule as well as even get a place …

Children Playing Educational Template For PowerPoint Online

Use Various Layout Options to Display Various Content

Nothing spells fun for children than watching colorful cartoons and illustrations. So if you are a teacher, it is a good idea to create presentations with images that these little children really do like. Although children have very short attention spans, you have a better chance of catching their attention with the PowerPoint Online template …

Schoolyard Kids Education PowerPoint Template

Beautifully Illustrated Educational Template for Children's Presentations

There are many education-themed templates available on PowerPoint Online. If you are a teacher or school administrator looking for a presentation for younger children, you would need presentation templates that are interesting and suitable for them. These types of presentations should be colorful, with familiar images that are interesting and engaging for them.

School Project Task List Template For Word Online

Type in the Tasks in the Table and Assign Due Dates or Deadlines

For students to do well in school, they need to have a way to organize their schedule. A well-planned and organized schedule can help students keep track of their activities, projects and tasks. This will also help students to excel in class, keeping them motivated as they see their progress and accomplishments.

Free Student Report Template For Word Online

Beautifully Made Student Report Template for Any Subject or Topic

Part of a student’s life is not just attending school to get information. At times, a student will also be required to impart information through reporting. A student report helps students get more in-depth information about a topic or subject they are reporting. Aside from that, a student report also allows students a chance to …

Word Online Template For Making Collaborative Report

Professionally Designed Collaborative Report Template

Working in a group or as a collaborative partnership with others, whether for school or at work, may have its perks and challenges. Some people like to accomplish tasks alone while others thrive in a group. Still, collaboration is unavoidable, especially in terms of project management or in reports. If you are part of a …