ABCYA Animate Lets Children Create Animations From Drawings

ABCYa is a fun website for children which provides different types of games to help children learn new things. There are a number of interesting games for kindergarten and elementary school children and one of them is ABCYa Animate. This web app gives a whiteboard like space for children to draw, add images and text to create custom animations.

Draw and Add Images to Create Animations

To create an animation you can get started without any need to sign up for an account. The ABCYa Animate web app will give you a whiteboard with tools at the bottom to add images, text, to draw on the whitespace and to erase or delete content. You can also make use of the color and size tools to draw on the whiteboard like space.

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ABCYa animate

Create Animations Frame by Frame

On the top are frames. You can create your animations frame by frame. Each frame will be played out in a sequence to turn your standalone drawings into an animation. The Play button at the bottom right corner can be used to preview your animation. Once you are done with a frame, simply click another frame from the top bar to start working on another frame. You can also duplicate frames using the Copy Frame option from the right sidebar.

Frame by frame animation maker

ABCYa gives a plethora of images from their library which you can easily incorporate to create your GIF animations. The images are divided into neat categories to help you find exactly what you’re looking for.

Add images from ABCYa

Download Animations in GIF Format

The right sidebar has options for editing the background, copying and duplicating frames, as well as options like Undo, Start New or Loop. Export as GIF button enables saving your animation in GIF format.

Export animation to GIF

During testing we successfully exported our frames as a GIF animation using ABCYa Animate. You can open your saved GIFs using any supported image viewer and share them on platforms online which support GIF images.

GIF animation made with ABCYa animate

ABCYa animate can be a fun way of teaching your children new things, such as perhaps making them draw the alphabet or allowing them to create a storyboard using their imagination. A part from that it can be a good web app to keep the young ones busy for a while, as they use their cognitive skills to draw and create animations frame by frame.

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