Animated Best Education PowerPoint Template

It can be safely assumed that when it comes to delivering class lectures, millions of teachers around the globe use PowerPoint. This also creates the need for educational PowerPoint templates that can help prevent students from falling asleep during class lectures. Animated Best Education PowerPoint Template is an educational presentation template which can help teachers create animated slides with interesting layouts to present different types of information.

Best education PowerPoint template

School and Education Related Slide Designs

This slide deck contains a set of 12 customizable slides with vibrant colors and a combination of static and animated slides.  The slides depict images that can be easily tied to education and learning. This includes illustrations of pencils, pens, rulers, clocks, books, etc. The background uses a yellowish color tone which perfectly gels with the text-boxes, making your added text stand out.

Apple illustration

Create Your Custom Versions of Sample Slides

You can select individual objects and customize the colors and overall look of each object to fashion your custom version of the sample slides. Some slides also provide tooltips which you can refer to for getting ideas regarding the customization of slides. Even if you don’t intend to heavily customize your slides you can simply add text to the given placeholders to quickly create an animated presentation.

Edit educational slides

Create Timelines & Comparisons Using Interesting Layouts

Among the different types of slides, you can make using this template; you can create timelines and comparisons with the aid of interesting sample slides. There are many slides in this template which provide ample scope for creating different types of layouts. You can also customize the colors, duplicate and resize slide elements for designing the type of content layouts that best match your needs.

Create timelines

Exclusive School & Education Clipart

You can even label the text on pencil, pen and other clipart within slides to create symbolic value and to give out a valuable message to your audience. Furthermore, you can also include your own images and mix them up with the sample clipart. There is also a clipart slide which gives you exclusive clipart images for use across your slides.

Education clipart

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