Children’s Groundhog Day Quiz Template For Word

Groundhog Day is a widely popular tradition celebrated on February 2nd. This holiday is rooted in folklore, wherein people used to watch groundhogs emerge from their burrows. It’s been said that when a groundhog comes out of its burrow on this day and it’s cloudy, then spring will arrive shortly. However, if it comes out and it’s sunny, then winter will persist longer. It’s been long believed that groundhog’s behavior can predict seasons.


Groundhogs are still widely believed to do this, and modern customs have been mixed in with long-time tradition, making Groundhog Day what it is today. Now it you’re a teacher and want to tackle this subject, there is an interesting way to do it. The Children’s Groundhog Day Quiz Template for Word is an excellent way to teach and test children about this fascinating holiday.

Get to Know Groundhogs

The Children’s Groundhog Day Quiz Template for Word is a free template that parents and teachers alike can use so that little children can familiarize themselves with this holiday. The template itself is specially designed to not only be educational and informative, but to also be fun and appealing to kids.

This Word template contains a portion for the child’s name, age, and grade. The Quiz itself can fit in one standard letter-sized paper, which you can print out in multiple copies or send to kids for them to answer digitally. There are 3 items in the quiz, with a bonus question in the end.


Celebrate Tradition in a Fun Way

The quiz template asks about the other names for the groundhog, which is a burrowing creature. It also asks about the day it falls this year, as well as the correct answer to what will happen when the groundhog sees its shadow.


In the middle of the quiz is an illustrated image of a groundhog emerging from its burrow. Moreover, at the bottom of the quiz page is a test on the name of the famous American groundhog in Gobblers Knob. The answer can be found by unscrambling the letters and writing the correct name on the space provided.

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