Forest Animals Educational Coloring Book For Word

Despite the digital age and tons of enticing devices specially created for kids, there’s still something about good old coloring books that children get drawn to. Instead of buying coloring books with costs that can easily add up, you can create your very own educational coloring book that you can even customize.


Whether you’re a parent or teacher, you can find that this Forest Animals Educational Coloring Book for Word is a fun and economical way to teach creativity to children. Aside from that, the forest animals theme of the coloring book template also helps children get familiarized with the different animals found in the forest or jungle.

Have Fun with Animals and Colors

This educational coloring book template for Word is free, which means you can print as many copies as you need, as well as reuse it anytime. The template can be easily downloaded through the link at the end of this post. From your computer, by opening the file in Word, you can color straight to the template digitally. You also have the option of printing out this coloring book and coloring it with crayons and other coloring materials.


Free Coloring Book for Home and School

The template has 8 pages that are all dedicated for coloring, which children would love. From the title page to the inside pages, everything can be colored. Among the many animals in the educational coloring book are the fox, bird, squirrel, hedgehog, wildebeest, platypus, fish, eagle, moose, beaver, owl, bear, ram, and many more.

Prior to coloring, you can even have a spotting and identification activity wherein children will try to find the animals in each picture and tell you what they are.


What’s great about this template is that the whole coloring book looks cohesive, with the same forest theme. The lines are neat, and the illustrations look well-drawn and professionally done. The images have been especially designed to attract children’s attention, which can help bring out their creativity.

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