Room Recess: Free Educational Games For Enhancing Children’s Skills

Learning can be a lot of fun, if you can provide children with interesting ways of learning new skills. Room Recess is a website which provides free educational games for enhancing children’s skills. These come in the form of interactive browser based games designed to teach children various concepts tied to math, spelling, reading, language arts and general knowledge.

Choose Games Between K 1-6

You can choose games between K 1-6 or pick games by category. The available categories include; Math, Reading, Word, Lab and Extra. The website itself has been created by an elementary teacher who taught for 14 years and wanted to merge technology with educational concepts to deliver students with interesting games that can aid learning.

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Room Recess

Easy to Play Fun Games

The games are fairly easy to play and it doesn’t take much to make a child get engaged. You can pick a game according to the concept you want to reinforce and trick your child into learning under the guise of a game. Just don’t tell them it’s study time!

Pick the right basket game

E-Learning Games for Teachers & Parents

Room Recess is a good e-learning platform for both teachers and parents. Moreover, if you can get your kid to really like the website, he/she might even get hooked to the games, which in this case can’t be a bad thing. The games are also quite diverse in nature and so you will have a lot of games to keep your young ones busy for a while. There is no need to sign up for an account since all games are free to play.

Educational game about US states

Games with the Old Arcade Feel

The games aren’t as rudimentary as you might think and some are more difficult than others. For example, one of the games reveals 3 choices (in the form of 3 colored barrels) from which you have to pick the correct answer. But instead of simply clicking the right answer, you will require shooting the right colored barrel (right answer).

Free educational games for children

This requires moving your player across obstacles and maintaining your health to reach your goal. Shooting the wrong barrel shows you that the answer was wrong. In other words, these games have the old arcade feel with reasonable graphics which are not pixelated boxes but clean graphics and characters that children can get to love.

Shoot the barrel game

To trick your child into leaning, head over to Room Recess.

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