SlideKlowd: Send Presentations To Your Audience To Get Feedback

SlideKlowd is a web service which provides an innovative method for engaging your audience by pushing PowerPoint presentations to the devices used by them. In other words, you can upload and share presentations directly to the laptop, tablet or smartphone being used by people in the audience, so that you are able to engage them in your presentation in a more effective way. Furthermore, participants can interact by responding to slide surveys, submit their questions and even leave feedback.


Ideal For Corporations, Teachers and Business Professionals

SlideKlowd is an ideal service for educators, business professionals and organizations who may be looking for ways to interact with their audience in an unobtrusive manner by gathering feedback and receiving questions from the push of a button. For example, if you are a teacher you might find SlideKlowd to be useful for gaining insight from your students regarding a presentation, whereas corporations and entrepreneurs can gain valuable insight from a group which may be used for gaining a reaction to the preview of a product.

Presentation Management

Upload Presentations And Interact With Audience

Using SlideKlowd is quite straightforward, all you have to do is to upload presentations and manage them from your SlideKlowd account. The backend of SlideKlowd is known as Kloud Control, which provides a comprehensive set of features to the user for adding and controlling presentations, events and users. The Content Panel is used by the presenter for controlling the slides (e.g. to move slides back/forward, pause the presentation and to view the timer).

Cloud Control

Measure Audience Response

The audience can provide feedback for presentations by using the confidence monitors and smartphone clickers. The Data Panel can be used to view the number of people that are logged in to your presentation and you can even monitor comments and questions from this section. As SlideKlowd is available as an app for Android or iOS devices, the audience can use an app to login to an event or simply use an internet browser to engage in a specific presentation. This is something very close to the applause and clapping meter that you can find in some events for example to measure the level o applause and claps but in the new era where everyone has its own laptop, tablet or smartphone during a presentation event (don’t have the hands free for applause).

Measure Audience Response

SlideKlowd Video Demo

For more details regarding the use of this service, see the developer’s introductory video.

Unfortunately, SlideKlowd does not offer any free trials, however you can get in touch with the SlideKlowd team and they will schedule someone to get in touch with you to explain how you can benefit from this service.


Unfortunately, this service seems to be no longer available, you can check out alternative web apps like Preso TV & Presentain to share presentation slides online with your audience.

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