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Zoho Inventory for Office 365 – Online Inventory Management System

Zoho inventory

When you have a small business, it’s not enough that you have your products and you sell it to consumers. You have to have an inventory system in place to track your products and supply, prevent pilferage, as well as foresee any trouble that may affect your stocks. While Excel spreadsheets can do a good …

All You Need To Know About Napa Office 365 Development Tools

Office 365 is a cloud based version of Microsoft Office. Even at instances when there is some form of offline installation features offered with an Office 365 package, it requires some form of online connectivity. For example, even the ‘Click-to-Run’ functionality of Office 2016 for Windows uses online streaming and even the iOS or Android …

Animated Cloud Puzzle PowerPoint Template

When it comes to the Internet, everything seems to be connected to cloud computing. It is in fact a topic that is less discussed than its actual relevance. Whether you are making a demo for a mobile or web app, want to discuss a topic related to the Internet in general or require making a …

How To Convert Audio Files Online Using Google Drive

Google Drive is no longer a web app which was used as a free web based alternative to MS Office. Over the years many new features have made it more robust and the support from third-party app developers has made it a supercharged web app for performing functions as diverse as online file conversion.

Convert Any File To Any Desired Format Online With CloudConvert

Not too long ago it would have been too laborious to use a web based conversion service for converting your files. All that however has changed as file conversion has become much quicker with the advent of cloud service to cloud service file conversion. A primary example of this is CloudConvert. With support for more …

Google Drive Plug-in Lets You Save Files in Word, Excel & PowerPoint

Google Drive might be a direct competitor to Microsoft’s Office suite, however, even Google knows the value of Office apps. In a brilliant move for extending the functionality of Google’s very own Office suite, the Google Drive Plug-in for Microsoft Office has been released. This free plug-in allows users to open, edit and save Google …

Social Mobile Analytics Cloud (SMAC) PowerPoint Template

SMAC is a modern concept based in 4 technologies that are currently driving the business innovation and transforming the way businesses do business. It stands for Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud. If you need to prepare a presentation around these concepts you can download the SMAC PowerPoint template prepared in a way that can help to describe and …

GroupDocs Viewer: Online Document Viewer For Small Businesses

GroupDocs Viewer is a service which provides a cloud based online document viewer which supports a plethora of famous document formats. You can either use the cloud service by logging in with an account to upload and viewe documents from popular formats or buy a Cloud API to integrate it to your corporate setup.

All You Need To Know About Apple’s AirDrop

Apple’s AirDrop is one of the best features offered in iOS 7 with the help of which the users are provided with an opportunity of sharing files with various other Mac users exclusively with the ones having Lion with Wi-Fi enabled. It has proved to be the most expedient option for data sharing with the acquaintances …

Top 5 Ways To Get The Most Out Of Cloud Services

The world is all about cloud storage and services and there is always a new storage service popping up every now and then. The best thing about cloud services is that they are available anywhere, anytime. All you need is an access point and all that you want is available to you in a jiffy.

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