WolframAlpha: Star Trek Computer Like Answers Engine

While many people rely on conventional modes of search to acquire answers, sometimes search engines like Google, Bing or Yahoo aren’t enough to get the answers that you are looking for. Even user driven engines like Ask or Yahoo Answers can take ages to provide appropriate answers, which may lead to delays in the completion of important projects and tasks. For example, if you wish to know about the calories in a specific vegetable or wish to quickly find out the mathematical formula and related dynamics for a specific element, then it is better to use an unconventional source like WolframAlpha. Unlike conventional search engines, WolframAlpha uses its wide collection of algorithms and data to compute the required answers and to generate reports that best suit your query. The mechanism by which WolframAlpha works is similar to the Star Trek Computer, as it provides intelligent answers to complex queries in no time.

Answers Engine Made Using 25 Years of Research

Perhaps an easier way of understanding the functionality of WolframAlpha is to take Apple’s Siri as an example, which uses parts of WolframAlpha. This tool is specifically meant to acquire results using expert-level knowledge and algorithms, which automatically answer questions. This answers engine has been developed after years of research (25 years of development), which has been led by Stephen Wolfram. WolframAlpha is not just an online service that answers factual queries but is ideal for performing scientific research.


Wolfram Alpha: The Answers Engine For Scientific Queries

A few of the many topics that are covered by WolframAlpha include; Mathematics, Statistics and Analysis, Physics, Chemistry, Materials, Engineering, Astronomy, Earth Sciences, Life Sciences, Units and Measures, People and History, Culture and Media, Sports and games, etc. While all queries made from WolframAlpha might not be related to science, the queries which may require stats and analysis even for non-scientific subjects is also possible.

WolframAlpha Computational Knowledge Engine

Get instant Results With Detailed Stats And Analysis

WolframAlpha provides instant results with accurate information that is both scientifically calculated and verifiable. For example, if you were to search the calories in a banana, you will receive complete details in the form of units, stats and graphs. Similarly, you can perform varius queries related to virtually any subject. WolframAlpha also supports saving search history and customizing search preferences but for that you will require logging in with an account.

WolframAlpha search Result

Apps, Toolbars And Extensions

WolframAlpha has apps for Android and iOS devices, as well as a Windows desktop gadget, Mac OS X Dashboard Widget,  iGoogle Gadget, as well as  toolbars and add-ons for Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome, Opera and Safari.

WolframAlpha Android App

For more information about how to use this spectacular answers engine, try out a few queries at WolframAlpha.

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