Differences and Similarities between a Presentation Technique and Speech

Presentation techniques have often been compared to speeches and confusion; still prevails over the similarities between a presentation technique and speech. Understanding and chalking out the difference is certainly easier yet the glitch is felt when it comes to the discussion of the affinities. Although when going for public speaking, we as presenters or spokesperson are able to feel the dissimilarity between the two methods, yet not everyone is able to apply it aptly.

Differences and Similarities between a Presentation Technique and Speech

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Here we will be discussing a few similarities in the two modus operandi:


Beginning with the commencement of the demonstration, the introduction is not simply a custom, it is an integral part of the process. This is the moment which makes the everlasting impression of the speaker or the presenter in the mind of the audience.

Of the Speaker

Whether you are there to exhibit a slideshow or speak on a subject. Your first words need to be impressive enough to lure the attraction of the last listener in the hall towards you. At the same time, when familiarizing the audience with your name and/or designation, you have to be smart and innovative. The same typical formats do not interest the audience anymore.

Of the Topic

The foreword should be meaningful, you are not simply acquainting the listeners with the topic, rather it is the moment you are expected to arouse their interests. Whether you are standing at the podium or you have a pointer on a slide, the crucial question is, are you able to do something impressive about the topic you are presenting?

Speaking Style

Your way of talking or presenting your ideas to the audience plays a decisive role in both the scenarios. Whether delivering a speech or exhibiting a presentation, always be careful about how you are putting forward your concepts and thoughts.

Use of Technology

Even if you are not handling the slides, yet there are so many other equipment  you have to be careful about while giving the speech. For instance the microphone; if there are video cameras capturing every word that comes out of your mouth, there are no chances of retakes, hence the severity level is on a rise. Therefore, alikeness is found here too.

Body Language

Your voice should be audible to everyone in the room or auditorium, yet you are not meant to shout. Furthermore, your expressions are also vital in both the cases. The more comprehensive you are, the better impression you create.


While bringing about the program, it is important for both the causes that you have an impactful conclusion, which dwindles the effect of the other competitors.

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