Web Services

Download free Web Services PowerPoint templates and slide designs that you can use to prepare presentations on Web Services or IT infrastructure.

11+ Best Online Notepad with Great Features

Speech Notes Text to Speech Notepad

While many people are familiar with the default Notepad app in Windows, sometimes you might need an online Notepad! Online notepads provide the utility to use them regardless of whether you are using a computer, tablet, or smartphone. Furthermore, some online notepads can come with features that conventional notepad apps do not offer. 1. RapidTables …

Best Websites to Make Infographics

Complex data, trends and analysis can be quite difficult to explain to an audience in raw form. Many presenters and analysts try to represent such information using tables and charts, however, looking at data in statistical form with a few legends and headings isn’t all that easy to soak in for an audience. This is …

Best Tools for Planning a Wedding in 2024

Wedding table

If you’re planning your wedding in 2024, you might want to look at our list for some awesome wedding planning tools. These tools provide various features that can help you set everything from your guest list, table layouts to vegetarian and non-vegetarian menus for your guests. We hope you find our list of Best Tools …