Boom Cards: Interactive Digital Task Cards for Online Learning

Last updated on June 21st, 2024

Boom Cards: Interactive Digital Task Cards for Online Learning

Self-grading digital platforms can help improve learning through engagement and enable quick feedback for continuous improvement. Previously, we showed you how to make flashcards in Word. This time, we will provide you with an overview of the digital task card maker platform, Boom Cards.

What are Boom Cards?

Accessible through the Boom Learning platform, Boom Cards are interactive task cards for improving learning through digital engagement and quick feedback.

You can create different types of Boom Cards ranging from multiple choice questions to matching activities and even the good old fill in the blanks. Boom Cards provides a number of features for students and teachers including gamification, instant grading, and interactive lessons.

How to Make Boom Cards

To get started, sign up for Boom Cards. You can sign up as a student, teacher, or school. During the sign up process you will also be asked to confirm whether you’re an educator, student, using the account for a school, or your family.

Sign up for Boom Cards
Sign up page for boom cards

You can sign up for Boom Cards by using your email, Google, Microsoft account, or Clever account.

Sign up for Boom Cards using Google, Microsoft, or Clever Account

Once signed in, you should add a nickname familiar for people you will be interacting with. For example, if you’re a teacher you can use the name or nickname that students recognize you by. You can start a new classroom or import content from Google Classroom, Clever, or a Microsoft Classroom account.

Start a New Classroom with Boom Cards

You can create your own boom cards or head to the library to find free and premium cards to use for your courses.

add boom card to library

You can also create your own boom cards based on the needs of your students and assign cards to them to make it easier for them to learn certain topics.

create a new boom card

You will require setting up accounts for students to join your class. You can add one or more students to a class and assign them passwords to join the class.

start a new classroom using boom cards

By assigning specific cards to students, you can customize the way they learn different topics and even grade them using Boom Cards.

assign boom cards to students

Benefits of Using Boom Cards for Learning

Boom Cards offer numerous advantages that make them a valuable addition to any educational setting. Here are some reasons to consider using Boom Cards:

  1. Enhanced Engagement: As attention spans of students can often be low due to the frequent use of digital devices, Boom Cards provide a number of advantages for better student engagement. The interactive and game-like format of Boom Cards keeps students engaged and motivated, leading to better retention and understanding of the material.
  2. Instant Feedback: Boom Cards provide immediate feedback, which can help students to learn from their mistakes and enable in reinforcing correct answers.
  3. Customization: Educators can customize Boom Cards to meet the specific needs of their students and adapt to different teaching styles.
  4. Self-Paced Learning: Students can work through Boom Cards at their own pace, making them ideal for self-paced learning.
  5. Instant Results and Tracking: Automatic tracking and instant results for student performance provides educators with valuable insights into their progress, highlighting areas where additional support may be needed.

Using Boom Cards with PowerPoint Presentations

During live online classes and PowerPoint presentations, educators can use Boom Cards for quizzes and interactive learning sessions.

Such an integration of Boom Cards in your slides can help make presentations more engaging, fostering active participation and better learning.

Introduction to Key Features of Boom Cards

You can learn more about using Boom Cards from the video tutorial given below.

Final Words

In the wake of remote classes, e-learning, and the common use of digital devices, interactive learning is just what educators need to help improve the concentration levels of students prone to a short attention span due to digital technology. Interactive, task based learning cards serve as a good learning option to create courses, grade students, and to improve engagement using a digital classroom environment where teachers can customize learning content to suit the needs of their students.

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