Monitoring Tools

WorkTime: Employee Time Tracking & Monitoring App With Reports

If you are looking for productivity tools for your organization, to keep your freelance work going in a flow or for home use, Nestersoft has a number of handy tools, ranging from time trackers to reminder, clock, countdown, stopwatch, sticky note and eBay auction tracking utilities.

Highster Mobile: Employee And Parental Monitoring Software

Usually, a software which collects data about a local device and sends it secretly to another person is called a spyware. However, not all types of spyware can be counted as malicious software. This is because some such applications are developed for more benevolent purposes and are freely available under legal boundaries. Highster Mobile is …

SlideKlowd: Send Presentations To Your Audience To Get Feedback

SlideKlowd is a web service which provides an innovative method for engaging your audience by pushing PowerPoint presentations to the devices used by them. In other words, you can upload and share presentations directly to the laptop, tablet or smartphone being used by people in the audience, so that you are able to engage them …