Learn how to get feedback from PowerPoint presentations using unique applause and clap o meter or other modern tools that let you get presentation feedback and monitor the presentation usage using modern tools like tablets or smartphones during an event or meeting. You can measure the mood of the audience by reading the tweets in real time or use other nice tools to help you know what your audience is thinking about your presentation. For example, you can embed engagement tools within your content so that your audience can provide real time presentation feedback or polling data to you in real-time. This kind of tools encourage interaction in a presentation or event and you can increase the energy level in the room.

Create Instant Polls with Live Results with Polly

Polly Web Service

Polls and surveys allow you to get the pulse of the people. The information you gather from polls give you insight that you wouldn’t get any other way. This is why many people use polls, from websites to articles, to presentations and actual interviewing. Data from these activities are invaluable in product development, decision-making, and …

How to Create Forms in Word

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Forms are a great way to gather information. Aside from being interactive, they also make it easier for you to connect with your intended audience, especially since there are many ways to deliver forms today. Whether it’s through email or website or any other platform, forms allow you a convenient, highly customizable way to collect …