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How To Make Custom Templates Appear on PowerPoint 2013 Start Screen

There is a huge collection of templates provided by Microsoft these days. These templates can be incorporated efficiently to get the best out of your task. Moreover, the users are also available with the option to download some additional templates for free from various websites.

Clearly Display Formulas in PowerPoint using a Simple Formula Template

Working with Math in PowerPoint can be funny and tedious at the same time. In Microsoft Office we could use the Equation editor to add formulas and equations to our slides but sometimes it comes very handy to have a simple formulas PowerPoint template where we can describe display the formula in a PowerPoint slide. For …

Create Stunning Charts Online With Your Data Using ChartBlocks

ChartBlocks is a web service for making stunning looking charts which can be publicly or privately shared online, as well as downloaded in different file formats, ranging from MS Excel, PDF to vector graphic formats.

How to Highlight Text in PowerPoint

There are multiple ways to highlight text in PowerPoint. You can highlight text during the slideshow (known as annotation) or you can also highlight text in your slides at design time. The technique we are describing below will allow you to highlight text during design time, so every time you run the slide show the text will be highlighted and also …

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