Maths, Equations and PowerPoint

PowerPoint 2010 let you create equations easily without needing any other 3rd party software. Even if you are a LaTex fan you can create Equations in PowerPoint 2010 using built in Microsoft Equations capabilities.

In order to access this feature you need to open a new PowerPoint presentation and look for the Insert -> Equation menu.

The equations editor in Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 is very compelling. By using the equations editor you can create complex equations, for example:

  • Math Fraction
  • Radical
  • Integration
  • Large operators
  • Brackets
  • Functions sin, cos, tan
  • Limit and log functions
  • Advanced operators
  • Complex matrix

The equations editor also include lot of equations symbols ready to be used, for example alpha beta gamma and other letters of the Greek alphabet. Besides these characters and symbols you can also use the end of proof symbols for demonstrations as well as asterisks and arrows.

Another good news about using Equations from Microsoft PowerPoint is that you can treat equations in the same way as you did with shapes. This means that you can apply shape format options to equations and add some nice effects like the reflection style that we applied to the example below.


Using Microsoft Equations in PowerPoint can be really helpful for professors, Mathematics TeacherĀ or students of Maths who need to create presentations with math demonstrations, math games in PowerPoint or other subject or field where equations are used.

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