Drawing a Simple Funnel Diagram in PowerPoint 2010

Drawing a funnel diagram in PowerPoint is possible by combining different basic shapes like an ellipse or oval and then a triangle. You can also create pipes in PowerPoint using shapes. Here we will show you how to build a simple funnel diagram in PowerPoint.

Drawing a funnel diagram in PowerPoint

You can combine different shapes to build this funnel channel diagram. You can use this kind of diagrams in PowerPoint to make slides on business information and how the data is filtered from top managers to the employees in an organization.

funnel diagram powerpoint template

Funnel diagram applications:

  • Use funnel diagrams to represent sales process steps from less important to the most important
  • Display web site visitor trends
  • Show information flow in an organization from top managers to low level employees
  • Use it for exploratory data analysis
You can use funnel diagrams as an alternative to other basic charts and diagrams like the line or bar chart in PowerPoint.

By using this funnel diagram in PowerPoint you can create nice presentations and free PowerPoint templates and backgrounds for your slides. This free PPT template can be used for example to illustrate a funnel situation or flow of information in an organization, just like we did with the 3D Cone in PowerPoint. Or learn more about diagrams and templates in PowerPoint.

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