How to Insert a Check Mark in PowerPoint

How to Insert a Check Mark in PowerPoint

Check marks are very popular not only in presentations but in reports. A check mark can be used to denote the completion of a project or task. It can also be used as a confirmation of participation in an event or meeting.

Inserting a check mark in PowerPoint is very easy using the Symbol feature. Here we will see how to insert a simple check mark character in a presentation slide. This technique can also be used in other documents such as Word.


Inserting a Check Mark in PowerPoint in Two Steps

The first thing to do is to open the presentation where you want to insert the check mark.

Start adding a new text shape, or if you already have a text and want to prepend or append the check mark to the existing text placeholder, then select it and put the cursor inside.

Then, go to Insert tab and look for Symbol icon (at the right of the ribbon). Click on it to open the Symbol dialog box.

Here, choose Wingdings font to display all the icons and characters available in this font. We will use a Check Mark from the Wingdings font here.

Look for the check mark or tick character, almost at the end of the character map, and then click Insert.

Here is what you get as a final result:

How to insert a check mark in PowerPoint

Using this technique, you can easily insert check marks in your presentations.

There are many other approaches, for example if you are fan of Emojis, you can browse for Emojis online and use copy and paste. For your convenience, you can copy this character –> ??

And then paste it in one of your presentations.

Example of Emoji Check Mark in PowerPoint

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