Best Presentation Software And Tools

Best Presentation Software and Tools

When it comes to presentations, there are many desktop and mobile apps, add-ins, web services and web apps available, however finding the right mix of tools and apps for presenting your content is the key. In this post we will provide you with a compilation for various commercial and free presentation software and tools that you can use for creating amazing presentations. Before we move forward with this list, let me remind you that FPPT is also home to thousands of free PowerPoint templates. To grab a template that suits your needs, simply go to this link to “Download Free PowerPoint Templates”.

Best Presentation Applications

Microsoft PowerPoint

When it comes to presentations, PowerPoint is undoubtedly the king. The reason we have added version 2013 to this list is because of the extraordinary new features that PowerPoint has to offer, for example, now you can “Create Amazing Widescreen Presentations Using PowerPoint”. Similarly, PowerPoint  users can also add Excel worksheets and insert them as slides. You can see more details about such features of MS PowerPoint and other office apps from this post: New Features of Microsoft Office.

PowerPoint 2013


While PowerPoint is famous among Windows users, Keynote is the favorite presentation app for Apple users. The biggest advantage of Keynote is that it can be used not only on Mac computers but also across many famous mobile devices such as iPhone, iPad and even iPod touch. No wonder it is considered to be the favorite app of the late Steve Jobs. You can find out more about this app and get the download link for Keynote from our Review of Keynote.



Some call Prezi the future of presentations, while others simply love to use the zooming UI. We have discussed Prezi in various posts and also brought you the Review of Prezi. From our previous posts you can also see the various Prezi related web services and tips.


PDF Presenter

This is a presentation software that you might not have even heard of, however it is a brilliant software for presenting PDF documents as presentations with the option to annotate them real time. For more information about this software, see our Review of PDF Presenter.

PDF Presenter

iPixSoft Flash Gallery Factory

This is another fine software that can help you create Flash presentations using videos and photos. To see how you can quickly create Flash presentations with this software, see our Review of iPixSoft Flash Gallery Factory. If you are interested in making Flash presentations, you can also see our post about Four Easy Ways Of Creating Flash Presentations.

iPixSoft Flash Gallery Factory

Best Presentation Web Services

Now lets take a look at some of the most useful web services that allow managing presentations in the cloud. Below is a list of some of the finest presentation web services. You can find out about each service by referring to the given links .

Google Drive and Google Slides

Formerly known as Google Docs, Google Drive is undoubtedly one of the best free web services for managing presentation files (e.g. PowerPoint files). See more about Google Drive from our Review of Google Drive. With Google Drive you can take advantage of a shared space available to manage all your documents and backups in one place. Furthermore, if you are an advanced used you can take the most of the Google Drive API and integrate your files and systems with one of the most powerful cloud solutions available.

Google Drive to Share Presentations

Office 365

And if you are looking for a service that offers the real deal, then Office 365 is the best web service for using MS Office apps in the cloud, including Microsoft PowerPoint. Check out our Review of Office 365.

Office 365


This is another service similar to SlideOnline which allows sharing presentations online. We have covered various posts related to this web service. For more details see more about SlideShare.



Over the years I have reviewed several web services but not as feature rich and as easy to use as PowToon. This unique service enable users to easily create rich video presentations by using readymade templates. Intrigued? See more from our Review of PowToon.


Best PowerPoint Add-ins

There are many add-ins that can be used to enhance the functionality of the most famous presentation software i.e. PowerPoint, below is a list of some of the best PowerPoint add-ins that you are ever likely to find.

PowerPoint Add-ins

Best Presentation Content Providers

Last but not least, here is a list of some websites from where you can download content for your presentations, including everything from PowerPoint templates to clipart, animations and more.


This website provides animations PowerPoint templates, clipart and more. See more from our Review of PresenterMedia.


Slide Hunter

SlideHunter provides some of the finest free business PowerPoint templates, diagrams, illustrations, as well as tips for making presentations. This website has various categories from which you can search and download free PowerPoint templates for business, academic and general use.

Go to SlideHunter


SlideGeeks And SlideTeam

These two websites have been developed by a team of presentation experts who have been developing content for fortune 500 companies including names like Wal-Mart, GM, Verizon, Procter & Gamble and others. You can see more details about these websites from our comprehensive reviews of SlideGeeks and SlideTeam.


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