How to create a video from a PowerPoint presentation

Did you know that you can create a Windows video from a PowerPoint presentation using just PowerPoint 2010? Here we will show you how to create a video from your slides or presentation that can be distributed by using a disc, the web or via email.

First you need to open your PowerPoint presentation and then click on File. Then click on Save and Send and look for Create a Video submenu. Here you will need to choose the output video quality and then choose whether to use recorded timings and narration or not.

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The quality option let you choose between Computer and HD display (with a resolution optimized for viewing on computer monitor or high definition display 960×720) or Internet & DBD using 640×480 resolution for uploading to the Web or burning to a standard DVD or package for CD. Lastly, you can choose a Portable Device which is optimized for mobile devices in a small screen.

Once you chose the options you can click on the large Create Video button to save the wmv video. This will create a video from your PowerPoint (.ppt) presentation.