Create an Unforgettable Presentation with Slidebean

Last updated on October 26th, 2023

The biggest struggle people come across when creating a presentation is making it look beautiful. The team at is looking to solve exactly that with their presentation software; they’ve built an online tool that designs the slides automatically.

Create an Unforgettable Presentation with Slidebean

Slidebean is a 500 Startups company founded in 2013 and is headquartered in New York City, with a large team also working from Costa Rica.

The team behind Slidebean from NY and Costa Rica
The picture above shows a photo of the SlideBean Team

The platform works on the cloud and the team has made it compatible with any modern browser, without the need for Flash (what is this, 2005?) or plugins. This means users can start a presentation on a Mac, edit it on their smartphone and then present on a PC, with the slides looking identical on any device.

With a focus on letting you make presentations faster, Slidebean lets you start your presentation with a pre-filled deck, so all you need to do is fill in the blank. The team has created tons of useful templates that range from startup pitch decks to marketing reports and business plans, ensuring that you no longer have to start any of this from scratch.

Presentation templates available at Slidebean - Example  how to make a Pitch Deck from a Template
Example how to make a Pitch Deck from a Template

Instead of the classic WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) approach, Slidebean has separated content from design, so users can focus on what matters most without being distracted by the format.

To add your content, you can add a combination of elements to your slide, ranging from images, to bullets, quotes or charts. Once you are done adding the elements, you jump to the Design section, that automatically renders the slides for you.

Slidebean Features - Editable pitch deck slides and slide layouts
Editable pitch deck slides and slide layouts

Slidebean also integrates with Flickr, saving you the annoying process of downloading, importing and cropping images from Google. Users can choose from thousands of curated images and add them to their presentation with just one click.

Similar to Flickr, Slidebean is integrated with TheNounProject, so the user has the ability to import icons to their slides just as easy. Hasn’t everyone heard? Icons are the new black!

Free photos for Slidebean presentations

In the Design section, you can choose from a variety of color palettes, templates and a premium-selection of fonts that have been designed and/or curated by the team. Custom color palettes can also be built to adapt to your company logo or specifications.

For important presentations, Slidebean also gives users the option to request a review from their design team: one of their team members will manually review the presentation and make the adjustments to make it look its best.

Example of SlideBean templates
Example of SlideBean Color Palettes
Example of SlideBean Font Styles

Being a cloud based service, this presentation tool also offers users the ability to collaborate and easily share a presentation with their colleagues. The slides are kept in sync automatically, so it’s guaranteed that everyone will always be able to view the final version of the presentation.

Finally, a feature called Presentation Insights lets users track the engagement of their presentations and monitor their viewers actions for each slide, from the time they spent looking at your presentation to the number of slides they actually saw.

So basically Slidebean has covered all the basis for ANYONE to be able to design a beautiful presentation without much effort. From startups working on their 500 Startups to marketers putting together their monthly report, you’ll find that creating presentations with this platform will save you hours of time, and will always cause a good impression.

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