Adobe Max Conference: Quick Guide

Adobe Max Conference: Quick Guide

Are you a graphic designer or visual design professional and want to connect with an ever-vibrant and dynamic community of fellow creative professionals? Are you waiting for an event, conference, or activity where thousands (if not millions) of peer professionals would come together and listen to some of the most sought-after and innovative minds of the industry? Well, who isn’t?

Being a graphic designer and creative professional, you always need to update yourself with the latest trends in the industry and get useful insights from seasoned industry professionals so that you remain on the right track throughout your professional growth journey.

Fortunately, there have been many activities, events, and conferences that are being conducted around the world especially for the creative minds through unmatchable and extremely valuable knowledge and information is being shared with the community. One of such amazing events is Adobe MAX which is an ever-growing community event that is gaining more and more reputation every year. But what is Adobe MAX actually? And what are the key always of the event?

What is Adobe MAX?

Adobe MAX formerly known as Macromedia MAX is an annual conference or event that is arranged by Adobe Systems mainly in North America, Europe, and Japan. It is an exclusive opportunity for the creative minds from various industries including designers from each and every field to collaborate with each other and share their creative ideas, knowledge, and design-related tactics with fellow industry professionals. Adobe MAX conference has been held since 2002 and is gaining popularity with each passing year due to its effectiveness and impact on the whole creative designers’ community. 

Every year some of the most influential designers and creative minds speak at the Adobe MAX event as Adobe MAX keynote speakers and Adobe MAX has featured some of its speakers as the ever-green contributors to the event’s activities.

Key Speakers in Adobe Max Event

Key speakers at the Adobe MAX hail from almost every domain of design, creative art, and media industry. Speakers from domains like illustration, entertainment, music, cinema, design, social media, 3D, photography, video, and more speak at the annual conferences of Adobe MAX and inspire the attendees with their ever-green experience.

Some names with respective domains of the featured speakers of the Adobe MAX event are given as follows.

  • Kenan Thompson (Executive producer and Star, Kenan)
  • Tilda Swinton (Renowned Actress)
  • Chloé Zhao (Two-times Oscar-winning Producer and Editor)
  • Eddie Opara (Creative Director at Pentagram)
  • José Andrés (Seasoned Entrepreneur)
  • Wendy MacNaughton (Creative graphic designer, and Illustrator at DrawTogethere)
  • Yuko Shimizu (Designer and illustrator)
  • Joe Dombrowski (Teacher and Stand-up Comedian)
  • David Carson (Veteran Artist And Designer)
  • Michelle Higa Fox (Executive Director)
  • Hype Williams(Producer)
  • Skottie Young (Writer and Comic Book Designer)
  • Rik Oostenbroek (Artist)
  • Fabricio Teixeira (Design Partner at Work & Co)

Who is the Adobe MAX Event for?

The event is a hub of industry-specialized professionals sharing their expertise, and knowledge through the prism of creativity. The enhancement of skills, connection of various individuals from respective domains, and overall creating an atmosphere of inspiration among the designers and creative professionals are a few of the main objectives of the Adobe MAX conference.

Valuable Activities

The activities of the event are classified and categorized in such a way that every designer and content creator has something in it for themselves. Some of the activities are as follows.

  • Featured design sessions
  • Keynotes
  • MAX sneak labs
  • And Workshops.


There are also design, video, 3D art, and photography-related competitions held during the event to maximize the participation of the attendees. If you are a creative professional and want to show your talents to the world, Adobe MAX is the right place for you.

Adobe Max Sneaks

The company shares one of the most amazing and secretive design projects in its Adobe MAX sneaks activity. The calendar of Adobe’s upcoming features and products is highlighted here giving a short insight into the startling tools, fascinating AR technology, and much more. Big announcements regarding the release of new softwares are also given here.

Adobe MAX over the years

Adobe MAX is an event organized and managed by Adobe Systems everywhere to introduce its new products, and design releases to its user base. Previously the event was being held as an in-person event but in 2020 it was and in 2021 it will be held as an online virtual event. 

Key Features of the Adobe MAX’s 2021 Event 

One of the prime features of this event is that it will be completely free of cost for the attendees. Yes, you heard it right. Completely free of cost. The event will be held virtually from Tuesday, October 26 to Thursday, October 28 and it will be an open event for the attendees to join the event’s presentation. You can sign up through this link.

The event will host more than 400 creative sessions, keynote speeches, Sneak labs, and fruitful conferences with industry experts, seasoned designers, artists, producers, directors, and much more. 

Adobe is also planning to introduce some art collaboration projects with the help of industry experts to boost the connectivity among the global designer community.

Key Features of the Adobe MAX’s 2020 Event

In 2020, although the event was conducted online, there were almost 200 representatives of different countries. According to Adobe, 99% of the attendees pledged to join for the next session, 95% learned and gained new skills and almost 94% were motivated enough 6o contribute to various innovative projects. 

It normally had cost equal to 2000$ for the users to join the event in the year 2020 and almost 50,000 attendees just rushed the event on a prescribed date making it one of the most successful events of Adobe MAX’s history.

The event had more than 350 sessions including 40 exclusive sessions on education. Other sessions were related to 3D and AR, photography, video production, graphic designing, social media, UX and UI, and much more. With featured speakers like Mike Alderson, Lauren Hom, Mark Heaps, and Kenneth Hines Jr., Adobe made it sure for the attendees that the event will be a landmark success in Adobe MAx’s history.

Key Features of the Adobe MAX’s 2019 Event

With designers like Sagi Haviv, Lauren Hom, and Laura Worthington the 2019 Adobe MAX’ event was a great conference held in Los Angeles, USA. It had 300 plus sessions, creative labs, and conferences, 92% of the attendees who recommended Adobe MAX to their fellows, and overall 62 countries represented in the event.

Sessions and speeches were conducted on topics like Illustration, Photography, Graphic designing, Video production, Ux/UI design, and many other domains. 

The full price of the event from September 1, to November 6, 2019, was 1895$.

Similarly, the events of 2018, 2017, 2016, and events before that had an increasing number of in-house sessions and participants with each passing year. The people have started acknowledging the power of Adobe MAX’s talent pool and the number of speakers as well as the users is increasing with each coming year.

Alternatives to Adobe MAX

The design field is emerging as one of the most diverse and most influential domains of work in business and marketing circles. Your branding and marketing strategies are aligned to the specifics of the design, visuals, and colors of a brand and each marketing campaign depict the specific design uniqueness of each business that makes it outshine the crowd.

With the ever-growing need for innovative solutions for your growth in the designing field, you need to stay updated with the latest industry trends and for that, to some extent, attending such is imperative.  seminars and events that are solely related to your design, and creativity needs. Aside from Adobe MAX, there are some other alternatives that are acknowledged worldwide for their contributions to the design and creative industry.

Some of these platforms are given as follows.

1. Seattle Interactive Conference

The Seattle-based conference that is based in the USA every year offers an amazing amalgamation of the technology, data, and design at the same place. If you are a creative individual who likes to play with data and enjoy working with technological tools to create interactive design models, then his conference is a gold chest for you. Every year almost 5000 Creative designers and 30 keynotes join this conference and share amazon tips, tricks and ideas with each other. This is an online event and conducts its activities every year virtually.

2. Creative Pro Week

The annual design, illustration, video production, photography-related event, Creative Pro Week, is one of the most sought-after events for beginners and seasoned professionals at the same time. If you want to master your field or nourish your existing design and creative skills then Creative Pro Week has much more to offer you. This is also a virtual event and you can easily grab passes and attend the desired sessions, take the handouts of the presentations and speeches of the speakers, and chat in the attendees’ specific virtual chat groups to collaborate and connect with fellow designers.

3. International Design Conference (IDC)

IDC or International Design Conference is an annual design event that is organized and managed by the Industrial Designers Society of America every year since 2018. It is a good online platform that provides opportunities to designers hailing from diverse backgrounds to collaborate and discuss various design ideas. This activity also instills a multidisciplinary approach in the attendees and hence creative professionals learn a lot from each other regarding the diverse and changing background of peer designers. The activity is based in New Orleans, USA. The basic idea is to conduct such a season that joins the positive and relevant sides of each design and domain and innovate the design practices through brainstorming, and open discussion among the attendees.

4. Mindcamp

Being a physically held event, MIndcamp allows its attendees to come together just like university boot camps and communicate and connect with each other regarding their personal, academic, or professional creative and design skills. The audience can not only engage with each other on the basis of the same interest but also discuss various topics in relevant groups, compete with each other in different design competitions and share their thoughts on specific design themes. The event is held in Ontario, Canada.

How to Register for Adobe MAX Virtual Conference

For registering in an Adobe MAX event, you need to have an Adobe ID in the first place to move further.

For this, you have to register with your existing creative cloud profile. If you don’t have one, then you can create a free account on the creative cloud profile using this link. Following are the few steps to register your account at the cloud creative profile creation sage at Adobe.

  • Enter your Email Address
  • Enter your desired password
  • Enter your personal details like Name, Date of birth, etc.
  • Choose your resident country

After accepting the terms and conditions of Adobe, you can click on the create button and your creative cloud profile with Adobe ID will be generated. You can use this Adobe ID for registering for your next Adobe MAX conference.


Adobe MAX is a great platform for creative and design professionals to collaborate, communicate and connect with each other by sharing their respective creative ideas, concepts, and knowledge with each other. The platform provides you an opportunity to connect with some of the most renowned faces of the design industry and gives you leverage to implement their personal growth-oriented tactics and techniques in your professional, personal and academic design activities. There are many other platforms that are offering the same services as the Adobe MAX but the diversity, talent pool, dynamic content, and unmatched talent features of the Adobe MAX conference are specialties only found in this event.

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