Interactive Roadmap PowerPoint Templates

Roadmaps and timelines are best presented with interactive and animated slides. This is because you get the margin of presenting details regarding a project in a systematic manner, using slides which allow you to effectively create a sequence for your roadmap or timelines. We have compiled a list of animated and interactive roadmap PowerPoint Templates for making project schedules, timelines, roadmaps, etc.

Interactive roadmap PowerPoint templates

Interactive Roadmap PowerPoint Template

We covered this interactive roadmap template in detail in a previous post, explaining about its various interactive features.

This template contains slides which run in a sequence, depicting an animation of a ball rolling down to different stages of a project, leading to a conclusion. The ball rolls down when you switch to the next slide, revealing the next stage of the project with a rolling ball animation.

You can download this template for all major versions of PowerPoint (Windows and Mac).

Go to Presenter Media – Interactive Roadmap PowerPoint Template

Road destination interactive PowerPoint template

Animated Road to Success PowerPoint Template

This is another roadmap themed template, suitable for making business related presentations, especially project roadmaps and timelines.

The template provides a range of handy slide layouts with charts, SmartArt diagrams, picture layouts, tables and clipart which can help you make a professional looking roadmap presentation in no time.

The Road to Success template is available for PowerPoint and Keynote.

Go to Presenter Media – Animated Road to Success PowerPoint Template

Animated road to success PowerPoint template

Animated Freeway Frenzy PowerPoint Template

Freeway Frenzy starts with an opening slide of a busy freeway, followed by slide layouts for text-heavy slides, picture slides, charts, tables, sample SmartArt diagrams and clipart images which can help you create an attractive roadmap presentation, as well as presentations related to topics like transportation, construction, infrastructure development, etc.

This template is available in Widescreen and Standard formats, for both Keynote and PowerPoint.

Go to Presenter Media – Animated Freeway Frenzy PowerPoint Template

Animated freeway frenzy PowerPoint template

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