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Big List of PowerPoint Alternatives in 2019

Keynote App

While PowerPoint is the leading presentation application for presenters around the world. There are alternatives that can provide features that PowerPoint cannot. Moreover, some alternatives to PowerPoint are simply more compatible with certain operating systems than PowerPoint. Here is a big list of PowerPoint alternatives in 2019.

Best Presentation Makers For 2016

Presentations are no longer confined to PowerPoint as more and more people are looking to walk away from conventional modes of making presentations. This is perhaps the reason for more innovative PowerPoint templates by various template providers like the business presentation templates at SlideModel which deliver exceptional slide layouts and highly editable slide designs. Similarly, …

Strut: Impressive Prezi Alternative HTML5 Presentation Editor

Prezi has revolutionized the way people make presentations or at least the perception of how presentations can be made. No longer are slides limited to basic transition effects and static imagery, as the zooming interface of Prezi has paved the way for more innovative developments in the form of fancy HTML based online editors, particularly HTML5 presentation tools.

Create Amazing Visual Content With Easy WebContent Editor, Builder & Visme

Easy WebContent provides intuitive tools which make it possible to create amazing web content, ranging from websites, online presentations, to video advertisements, infographics, mockups, etc. This web service offers three major tools for making amazing online content, i.e. the Site Builder, HTML Editor and Visme.

Create Animated Cloud Based Presentations With Emaze

It appears that it is not a matter of if but when end users might move over PowerPoint and Keynote to adopt a different, more interactive platform for creating and presenting presentations. There are various contenders which might end up replacing conventional presentation apps, such as Prezi and numerous HTML5 based interactive web apps which …

Create Presentations in HTML5 With EWC Presenter

There was a time when only limited options were available for making your presentations effective and attention grabbing. But with the advancement in technology and increase in the number of tools and software brought many creative ideas with them and ultimately changed the definition of present day presentations, which are not longer limited to platforms …

How To Convert Prezi To HTML5 Format

As HTML5 is the next generation markup language of the World Wide Web, most modern browsers and devices now support HTML5. This however creates a dilemma for programmers to find quick and easy ways to convert their action scripts or SWF Flash files to HTML5 format, so that they can be played without the Flash …

Best PowerPoint Alternatives for Web Based Presentations on 2013

2013 will be the year of the big data, cloud computing, and many other top trending technologies, however we can’t dismiss that millions of presentations are held every new year around the world and not only PowerPoint is the tool that presenters use to make presentations. With the progress on cloud computing, mobile and HTML5 …