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Big List of PowerPoint Alternatives in 2019

Keynote App

While PowerPoint is the leading presentation application for presenters around the world. There are alternatives that can provide features that PowerPoint cannot. Moreover, some alternatives to PowerPoint are simply more compatible with certain operating systems than PowerPoint. Here is a big list of PowerPoint alternatives in 2019.

Imagine A Line Animated PowerPoint Template

imagine a line powerpoint template

Among all the fancy templates people often browse through for making that perfect presentation, the best ones often come with a simple design. Imagine A Line Animated PowerPoint Template comes with a simple design, with the addition of useful clipart and animations.

How To Mirror Smartphone Or Tablet To Wirelessly Present A Presentation

screen mirroring from smart devices to computers and screen sharing

Some presenters who require traveling from one venue to another to frequently deliver presentations often end up with body pains. This is especially true if you are always carrying a heavy laptop around. Regardless of how good your fitness routine is; carrying around a laptop can result in anything from shoulder and wrist injuries to problems with …

Professional Diagrams Bundle For PowerPoint, Keynote & Google Slides

Some presenters look for a good presentation template each time they need to make a presentation. Others use all-in-one bundles! Such a bundle can help a presenter design all kinds of presentations by making use of a vast archive of slide designs, diagrams, color options, etc. If you’re a presenter who needs to make presentations …

Presentious: Add Audio To PowerPoint Slides & Share Them Online

While we have reviewed an extensive range of web services which enable sharing PowerPoint files online, Presentious seems to be the most promising of them all. This is because it provides a variety of options for importing presentation files, such as from PowerPoint, Keynote, PDF and Open Document format, as well as via online web …

Animated Espionage PowerPoint Templates

Spying, espionage and identity theft aren’t alien concepts for presenters, especially if you want to discuss Apple and Samsung’s lawsuits! In a presentation you might want to touch upon issues related to network security or maybe glorify your friends and tell everyone how you are as thick as thieves. You can choose slides from the Animated …

DinoFire Wireless Presenter With Red Laser For Professional Presentations in 2016

Wireless presentation remotes are a necessity when you are presenting professional presentations. This is because you can’t expect to walk back and forth to switch slides using a mouse or keyboard. Neither can you expect someone to reliably switch slides as you need them to.

15 Amazing Keynote Templates For Presentations in 2016

If you use Keynote for making professional presentations and need some good slide decks to help you get a head start in your presentation endeavours, then there are some fantastic Keynote Templates for Mac and iPad that can easily amaze any audience. We have compiled a list of 15 Amazing Keynote Templates for Presentations in 2016 to …

Animated Featured Presentation PowerPoint Template

Featured presentations and individual slides need to be highlighted during a seminar, corporate event or a formal presentation. Similarly, you might be looking for a good slide deck to create a slide show to be displayed on a monitor to welcome guests at an event or to flash an important message. The Animated Featured Presentation PowerPoint …

Animated Circus PowerPoint Template

Circus is perhaps the strangest show one can ever see. It provides the audience with novel acts that seem beyond the realm of common people. In fact, doing the unbelievable, strange or daringly risky is what makes circus worth watching for many people. But a circus can also be the central theme for a presentation …