Animated Green Earth PowerPoint Template

Green Earth is an environmental PowerPoint template by Presenter media which depicts an animation of a rotating globe amidst yellow flowers and a butterfly. This PowerPoint template can help you create animated slides for topics related to the environment, be it environmental issues, recycling, green energy, conservation or  topics related to wildlife, the ecosystem, global warming, etc.

Rotating Earth & Flying Butterfly Animation

The opening slide depicts a looping animation of a rotating globe being circled by a butterfly. The next slide shows the same animation, with space for adding your content. This slide is more suitable for text heavy content.

Green earth PowerPoint template

Various Handy Sample Layouts

In other slides you are provided with various icons, carts, sample diagrams and a multitude of professionally designed layouts that you can use for making your presentation.

Green earth slide design

Environment Related Icons & Symbols

There are icons and symbols within sample slides that can be used by copying them to different slides. These clipart images are quite high quality, which makes them a good resource for presenting your opinion using some visually appealing content.

Environment awareness icons

Charts and Sample Diagrams

To make things easy for presenters, this animated template provides sample charts and SmartArt diagrams which can be easily edited for presenting your own statistics and ideas. You can edit these sample slides using PowerPoint Chart and SmartArt Tools. The colors of these sample charts and diagrams can be changed according to need, however, the exiting content is quite expertly matched with some nice color tones which you might want to keep.

Pie chart with green environment theme

All slides come with the same green background to give the audience the same environment themed visuals.

Environment smartart slide design

This template is available for PowerPoint users with recent editions of the application, be it users using PowerPoint for Windows or Mac.

Go to Presenter Media – Animated Green Earth PowerPoint Template (Standard)

Go to Presenter Media – Animated Green Earth PowerPoint Template (Widescreen)

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