Find tons of free chart PowerPoint templates and backgrounds that you can download to customize your charts and presentations in Microsoft PowerPoint. Using these articles under this chart category you can learn how to build charts and customize the look and feel of your charts in Microsoft PowerPoint presentations. Also you can download free chart templates for PowerPoint and Excel.

How to Analyze Data Quickly in Excel

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Over the years, Excel has been widely used for collecting, documenting, and analyzing data. It has undergone many changes and improvements over time, adding different features that are relevant to the demands of today. With Big Data as one of the many important things businesses and organizations rely on to make sound plans and decisions, …

Method to Diagonally Split Cells in Word


If you want to reformat your tables in Microsoft Word quickly, you can create diagonally split cells. This is a line that goes from the top of one side of the cell to the bottom of the opposite side, or the other way around. This creates a single diagonal line going across a single cell …