Bar Chart

Learn how to create Bar Chart PowerPoint presentations and slide designs with awesome graphics to present your charts and data. Download free bar chart templates for presentations.

Best Chart PowerPoint Templates in 2017

One of the things that can really help you present statistical information in an easy to grasp manner are charts. PowerPoint charts can be a great way of making attractive data visualizations for interpreting and presenting essential data. When making chart slides, the easiest method for saving time and getting the most out of your …

ChartCube: Convert Spreadsheets To Analyzable Data Online

ChartCube is a free web app with applications for Android and iOS devices which instantly transforms spreadsheets to analyzable data. With ChartCube data analysis is as easy as it gets, as you can view pivots via swipe and double tap to drill down your data with the ability to collaborate online and present information like …

Animated Green Earth PowerPoint Template

Green Earth is an environmental PowerPoint template by Presenter media which depicts an animation of a rotating globe amidst yellow flowers and a butterfly. This PowerPoint template can help you create animated slides for topics related to the environment, be it environmental issues, recycling, green energy, conservation or  topics related to wildlife, the ecosystem, global …

Animated PowerPoint Charts Template

Presenting slides laden with charts can be dull and boring. Making your charts eye-catching is as important as your presentation skills for explaining the given data. The Animated Graph Chart Trends PowerPoint Template has been designed to especially cater for the needs of presenters who might require making slides with a lot of charts and …

Animated Bar Infographic Maker PowerPoint Template

Infographics are mostly all about making comparisons and illustrating trends. When making a presentation with an infographic, you might want a layout which can help present these comparisons side by side. The Animated Bar Infographic PowerPoint Template brings animated PowerPoint layouts which can help you create side by side comparisons with the aid of customizable, …

Create Stunning Charts Online With Your Data Using ChartBlocks

ChartBlocks is a web service for making stunning looking charts which can be publicly or privately shared online, as well as downloaded in different file formats, ranging from MS Excel, PDF to vector graphic formats.

3 Simple Tools for Making And Sharing Charts Online

Data Google Sheets

No matter what vocabulary you use to express your statements, but if the information is not presented in an attractive graphical representation, all goes waste. If you talk about the presentation of data in this technologically advanced world, you have numerous options including MS Office for windows, iWork for Mac and many more.

Make Creative PowerPoint Bar Charts using LEGO Bricks

Sometimes we need to think new ways to keep our audience engaged and finding original and creative ideas around can help us to make better presentations using visual aids. This time we’d like to show you how to create artwork using LEGO bricks in Chrome that you can use to represent Charts as an alternative to traditional …

Animated Simple Icons PowerPoint Template

Want to make a presentation with interesting icons to create infographics and basic custom icons? The Simple Icons Infographics PowerPoint Template is a unique infographic template with animations, icon clipart and more.

Best Infographic Templates For PowerPoint

Want to make printable infographics using PowerPoint? Or do you wish to present your slides with infographics? Infographic templates for PowerPoint can help you create infographics using flexible slide designs, with clipart, animations and well placed placeholders that can help you visually represent your content with a clean layout and attention grabbing slides.

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