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Download PowerPoint 2013 tutorials and guides on how to use the new MS PowerPoint 2013 to make awesome presentations. This category includes articles on PowerPoint 2013, templates for Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 as well as descriptions about new features that you will find in the new version of PowerPoint after upgrading from MS Office 2010.

Animated Teamwork PowerPoint Template

Animated Teamwork PowerPoint Template

If you need a template for depicting teamwork, you might want one which can provide you with easy to grasp graphics which can help convey your message with the visual aid of relevant illustrations. Animated Teamwork PowerPoint Template is one such presentation template for PowerPoint.

Animated Times in History PowerPoint Template

Animated Times in History PowerPoint Template

Teaching history is no easy task. Dealing with students who can’t care less about the past can be quite difficult. Teachers need to stimulate the minds of their students using methods, which might make their lectures more interesting. You can use the Animated Times in History PowerPoint Template to make history lessons more interesting.

Animated Combining Strands PowerPoint Template

Animated Combining Strands PowerPoint Template

When it comes to PowerPoint presentations, you have to think outside the box and find the best way to deliver your message in a way that also entertains your audience. Sometimes, this takes a lot of planning and conceptualization. Also, there’s a lot of time and brain work that goes into making sure that your …

Animated Internet Security PowerPoint Template

Animated Internet Security PowerPoint Template

The Internet has drastically changed our everyday lives. We spend a lot of our time connected to the Internet, being online. In fact, a lot of our personal and business information is also online. We depend on it for many of our essential and daily tasks, from socialization and entertainment to productivity as well as …

Animated Fitness PowerPoint Template

Fitness Tracking PowerPoint Template

Fitness has always been a priority for many people regardless of age. This is especially true these days when there are a lot of trends involving health and keeping fit. In fact, there are even many gadgets and technologies dedicated to tracking our fitness and ensuring that we follow our health regimens. Now, if you’re …

My First Add-in VBA Tool for Microsoft Office

Customize Ribbon and Modify Macros

The Microsoft Office suite of programs has a rich set of features that make it easy to work on various tasks and be productive. These features allow you to manipulate, modify, and customize how you work on documents, spreadsheets, presentations, emails, forms, and databases. However, if you are going to do hugely repetitive tasks, especially complex …

Animated Risk It PowerPoint Template

Analyze Risks

When it comes to talking about risks, you definitely have to get the message out there. You have to grab the attention of your audience and make them clearly understand the dangers that you’re talking about, even create a sense of urgency when necessary. This is because risks are no laughing matter, and when it …

Make Presentations More Efficiently with PowerPoint ShortcutTools 3.0

PowerPoint ShortcutTools Welcome Box

For those who use PowerPoint on a regular basis, don’t you wish there’s a better and faster way to create presentations? PowerPoint has been around for a long while as one of the most widely used presentation tools in schools, businesses, and even at home. Over the years, it has developed functions and features that …

Kids Pitch to Their Parents Using PowerPoint

Kids are smarter and more ingenious nowadays. After all, they have access to information and the latest technologies right at their fingertips. If, before, kids can only ask their parents in person, or write them notes at most, these days kids are different.

Animated Factory Processes PowerPoint Template

Animated Factory Theme PowerPoint Template

For centuries, we have relied on industry, in general, for all our needs. From our clothes to our cars, our food to our perfumes, it’s the factories that manufacture the things that make our life better and easier. Factories have technologies and systems that combine man’s inventiveness and ingenuity–and this can be seen across all …