Nature Templates

Picture Background Template With Textured Caption For PowerPoint

When you are making a presentation, you sometimes need to have something that would immediately draw the eye of your audience. While you can always use flashy colors and animations, there are also other ways that you can liven up your slides. One good example is by creating slides with a picture background.

Earth Day Event Template For Word


Earth Day is a global event which is celebrated each year on 22nd April. This is an event where people come together from all walks of life to show their support for the sake of environmental awareness and protection. Many countries celebrate Earth Day and there are many activities held in relation to this event.

Blue Sky Business PowerPoint Template


Blue is a calming, tranquil color that is also pleasing to the eyes. The color blue also conveys trust and serenity. This is why many brands use different shades of blue for their logos and as part of their color scheme. In your own presentation, you can also use blue to not only capture the …

Snowflakes Christmas PowerPoint Template


As the holiday season draws near, you would need a PowerPoint presentation template that conveys the spirit of the season. This template is something that can be used for different purposes in the Christmas and holiday season, so you would not have to create one from scratch, especially when you are busy with your own …

Beautiful Ocean PowerPoint Template


The ocean inspires calmness, serenity, and relaxation. That’s why many people gravitate towards the ocean to de-stress and find tranquility. So if you want to create presentations that will pleasantly draw your audience’s attention, you can use this following presentation template.

Free Island Design PowerPoint Template

The Free Island Design PowerPoint Template is a general purpose template with a sharp, vibrant background. This template provides the image of an island at dusk, which serves as a beautiful, relaxing background for the template. There are five standard slides for making text-heavy slides, diagrams, tables and charts.

Animated Green Earth PowerPoint Template

Green Earth is an environmental PowerPoint template by Presenter media which depicts an animation of a rotating globe amidst yellow flowers and a butterfly. This PowerPoint template can help you create animated slides for topics related to the environment, be it environmental issues, recycling, green energy, conservation or  topics related to wildlife, the ecosystem, global …

Lawn & Garden Expense Template For Excel


If you are a garden hobbyist or a professional landscaper, then you know that creating a beautiful lawn and garden as well as maintaining it can cost a lot. From the simple pots to the plants as well as the landscape design itself can add up to a lot to your budget so it is …

Pressed Leaves PowerPoint Template


The look of pressed leaves always conveys earthiness and simple artistry. It also shows a connection with nature as one creates something more out of things commonly found in nature. So if you are in need of a presentation that channels the simplicity, beauty, and elegance of nature, then this next template will be your …

Animated Clouds Video Background Templates For PowerPoint

If you need templates for making presentations depicting clouds, then here are some Animated Clouds Video Background Templates for PowerPoint. These customizable video templates can be downloaded as editable PowerPoint slides or standalone videos.