Draw & Share Ideas With Colleagues Or Classmates With Slatebox

Slatebox is an online collaboration and drawing tool which delivers a simple mechanism for drawing, collaborating and sharing content. Slatebox can be used not only for making mind maps and other types of visualizations by individuals but you can also use it in a classroom, in collaboration with colleagues or save visualizations offline for use with PowerPoint presentations.

Slatebox web app

Start Making Slates without Registration

While it is recommended that you sign up for a free account, you can also start making slates without registration. This said, you will require an account to save and share your slates.


Pick a Color & Add images & Links to Your Nodes

When you open the canvas you will see a small box (node) where you can start building on your visualization. The canvas has a zoom widget, a  bird’s eye view at the top right corner and a single node to begin with. You can drag the node, double click on it to enter text and hit the Settings menu above the note to reveal additional options.

Create a slate

The Settings menu reveals options for changing the color for the node, to add an image inside the node, as well as options for deleting the node, adding a link and the option to connect it to another node.

Slatebox settings

You can add images to nodes via URL or by searching for images using keywords. The selected images are embedded within the node. You can also add text overlay over the embedded images inside the nodes and change node shape.

Embed image to node

Create Mind Maps, Diagrams & Illustrations

Using this simple web app you can create visualizations like mind maps, diagrams, illustrations and the like.

Slatebox mind map

Save Drawings as PNG, Embed to a Website & Collaborate Online

Your slates can be embedded to a website or saved as a PNG image offline. You can also use Slatebox to collaborate with friends and colleagues on ideas or use it in a classroom to engage your students.

Collaborate with friends

Introduction to Slatebox Features

The best thing about Slatebox is that it is extremely simple to use and is free for individuals. If you want to use it in a classroom setting, you can engage an unlimited number of students for just $8 per month.

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