Color Pop Effect PowerPoint Template

Any drab or dull PowerPoint presentation will always light up with a color pop effect. You can go all monochromatic on your slides, but adding a pop of color, whether a high-contrast shape or accent, will add more interest to your whole presentation’s look and appeal. These pops of color will also make your presentation …

Seasons in Sage PowerPoint Template

In order to remain current, you have to keep up with the seasons. The same can be said for your company or organization, and the same can be said for your presentations as well. So, if flowers are for spring, then this next template is definitely for fall.

Grandparent’s Day Word Template


Grandparents Day is a national secular holiday celebrated on the First Sunday after Labor Day. It is an event that is meant to commemorate grandparents and their role in the lives of various members of the family. This day is celebrated throughout the world by many countries. So if you are one of those who …

Animated Environment PowerPoint Templates

Conserving the environment, global warming, renewable energy, sustainable development and eco-friendly solutions are many of the buzz words resonating across various sectors, especially the development sector. Sometimes, one might have to present something related to the environment to keep up with the requirements of the corporate culture or to be a part of celebrations for …

Animated Global Energy PowerPoint Template

For presentations related to conservation, green energy, global warming and other environment related topics, one needs to have a compelling presentation template to make an impact on an audience, which is usually at risk of getting bored by environment related subject matter. The Animated Global Energy PowerPoint Template is one such template.

Animated Green Earth PowerPoint Template

Green Earth is an environmental PowerPoint template by Presenter media which depicts an animation of a rotating globe amidst yellow flowers and a butterfly. This PowerPoint template can help you create animated slides for topics related to the environment, be it environmental issues, recycling, green energy, conservation or  topics related to wildlife, the ecosystem, global …

Widescreen Basis PowerPoint Template

Widescreen Green and White Minimalist Template

If you are looking for a simple, clean, and modern template that is minimalistically geometric, you can use this Widescreen Basis PowerPoint Template. Simply named after its basic design that opens you to more opportunities to use it for many kinds of presentation types, whether at home, in your organization, in school, or even in …