Puzzle Templates

Animated Product Pipeline PowerPoint Template

It is believed that every product at some point in time has to decline and fade away. The product lifecycle has five stages which define the product’s life as introduction, growth, maturity, saturation and decline. This is why companies have products in the pipeline. These are products in development or intermediate stage, even at different …

Animated Puzzle Piece Template For PowerPoint

One method of making ordinary business diagrams more interesting is to give diagram elements the shape of puzzle pieces. Unfortunately, doing that on your own can be difficult; the good news is we have a puzzle piece template that can help you build jigsaw puzzle like business diagrams.

Free Jigsaw Puzzle PowerPoint Template


If you’re someone who is into solving puzzles, or maybe you are already part of a jigsaw puzzle club in your community, then you will enjoy this Free Jigsaw Puzzle PowerPoint Template. This template is great to use for many puzzle-related presentations, but can also be used for highly formal corporate reports and planning.

Psychology PowerPoint Template With Brain Puzzle Animations

One of the subjects which lack good PowerPoint templates is psychology. Most templates simply show a silhouette of a head with cogs inside it. Such slide designs are of little help for a psychology student, as PowerPoint backgrounds like these offer little to no help in making the presentation content attractive.

Animated Mind Map PowerPoint Template

Head Puzzles is an animated mind map PowerPoint template with slides that can be used for making mind maps, infographics, and custom diagrams. Another use of this template can be to cover topics such as psychology, social issues, total quality management systems, etc.

Animated Umbrella Protection PowerPoint Template

Some topics are a bit too complex and can have many sub-topics. Such topics need to be covered under an umbrella of a primary topic. Umbrellas are also symbolic for safety, social security, safety nets, insurance, social planning, etc. The Animated Umbrella Protection PowerPoint Template can help you cover such topics and more.

Animated Piggy Bank PowerPoint Template

Before you are old enough to have a bank account, you have a piggy bank. For presentations that require explaining about matters related to finance, business, sales and money in general, the Animated Piggy Bank PowerPoint Template can be just perfect to use.

How To Make A Puzzle in Microsoft PowerPoint Using Shapes

Puzzles are a good way of representing business illustrations, fresh ideas and to make your slides more interesting. For example, you can use puzzle pieces for making a SWOT Analysis diagram in PowerPoint, an infographic slide or simply draw a puzzle piece and label it with textboxes to present your content in a novel manner.

Best Animated Construction PowerPoint Templates

Construction, roadmaps, team building, business ventures and progress can all be presented using symbols like road blocks, puzzle pieces, building blue prints, etc. The Animated Construction PowerPoint Templates listed below can be used for the aforementioned and many other types of presentation topics.

Animated Business Puzzle PowerPoint Template

While we have covered a number of business presentation templates in previous posts, one can never have enough novel templates to make up for various important events at the workplace, be it meetings, sales presentations or brainstorming sessions.