Psychology PowerPoint Template With Brain Puzzle Animations

One of the subjects which lack good PowerPoint templates is psychology. Most templates simply show a silhouette of a head with cogs inside it. Such slide designs are of little help for a psychology student, as PowerPoint backgrounds like these offer little to no help in making the presentation content attractive.

Psychology PowerPoint Template with Infographic Slides

The Brain Puzzle Infographic PowerPoint Template presents slides which can be used for making custom diagrams, infographics and even general, text-heavy slides. These slides come with innovative designs which offer attractive animations and placeholders for adequately presenting your ideas.

Animated psychology template for PowerPoint

The opening slide is an infographic slide with various symbols pointing towards a brain. You can replace these sample symbols with your own icons and also add additional text-boxes to explain your presentation topic.

Animated psychology PowerPoint template

Brain Puzzle Animations

The second slide provides a brain puzzle layout where different puzzle pieces join together to form a diagram. You can label this diagram with your own text. When you run your presentation slide show, each part of the brain puzzle will be revealed one by one, upon mouse click, until the complete brain diagram is formed.

There are also various other sample slides with different types of brain puzzle animations.

Brain puzzle animation

Helpful Psychology Related Diagrams

There are a number of very handy diagram slides that can help you make excellent animated illustrations for your presentation. The diagram slide shown below reveals a puzzle piece with a text-box, each time you click the mouse. This diagram can help you present different points step by step, with the aid of a brain puzzle animation.

Animated brain illustration

Symbols and Icons

The clipart slide provides a plethora of icons and symbols. These icons and symbols can help you customize sample slides, as well as to create unique new slide layouts of your own.

Brain symbols and icons

With widescreen and standard editions, this brain and psychology themed slide deck can be downloaded for PowerPoint and Keynote.

Go to Presenter Media – Brain Puzzle Infographic PowerPoint Template (Standard Edition)

Go to Presenter Media – Brain Puzzle Infographic PowerPoint Template (Widescreen Edition)

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