Animated Mind Map PowerPoint Template

Head Puzzles is an animated mind map PowerPoint template with slides that can be used for making mind maps, infographics, and custom diagrams. Another use of this template can be to cover topics such as psychology, social issues, total quality management systems, etc.

Head Puzzle Animations

The animations in this template depict a head with puzzle pieces, symbols and text-boxes. You can customize these sample slides to create animated diagrams and infographics with ease. Furthermore, you can use these slides to create anything from mind maps to text-heavy slides.

Animated mind map PowerPoint template

Unconventional Slide Layouts with Attractive Animations

The animated slides will adjust to your added content and play out in animated form as you play your slides as a slide show. For example, the slide below presents each part of the head one by one upon mouse click.

As you move forward with your presentation, the head completes at each click, presenting different parts of the infographic until the head is complete. Once the head completes, the next mouse click switches to the next slide.

Mind map infographic slide

Similarly, this is another finely crafted infographic slide which presents a head with puzzle pieces and associated space for explaining each puzzle piece with a title and description. Like the slide mentioned earlier, this is also an animated slide with completes in different steps upon mouse click.

Mind map diagram

Create Comparisons and Timelines

The layouts are extremely flexible and can be adjusted for making a wide variety of slide types. You can use different slides to make comparisons, timelines, roadmaps and even business diagrams. The general purpose slide designs make it possible to use the given PowerPoint slides according to diverse topics; as the slide decks are not specific to any single subject.

Mind map comparison slide design

Icons Library for Making Custom Slides

There is also an icons library that comes with this template. You can use these icons to customize the current slides or for making new slides. The symbols in this icon are related to technology, business, health, office, environment, transportation and a range of other subjects.

Mind map icons

You can choose to download this animated template in standard or widescreen orientation. While the template is compatible with the latest editions of PowerPoint, you can find complete compatibility details from the developer’s website.

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