Animated Umbrella Protection PowerPoint Template

Some topics are a bit too complex and can have many sub-topics. Such topics need to be covered under an umbrella of a primary topic. Umbrellas are also symbolic for safety, social security, safety nets, insurance, social planning, etc. The Animated Umbrella Protection PowerPoint Template can help you cover such topics and more.

Cover Topics Under an Umbrella

The opening PowerPoint slide depicts a family standing underneath an umbrella with falling rain drops. The slide reveals an umbrella just before the rain drops are about to fall on the four figures standing under the open sky. This can be symbolic representation for a number of topics, including topics tied to disaster, recovery, security, rehabilitation, risk management, insurance and the like.

Umbrella PowerPoint template

Umbrella Puzzle Pieces Animations

There are two primary sequences in this template. The first sequence depicts textboxes with a puzzle piece like umbrella. The textboxes increase as the slides proceed and the umbrella is further divided into even more puzzle pieces.

Umbrella with textboxes

The sequence starts with two textboxes tied to two puzzle pieces, which increase to three, four, five up to eight, as the slides proceed.

Umbrella puzzle pieces

Umbrella Puzzle Pieces with Bullet List Animation

The second sequence is the animated bullet list sequence which depicts bullet lists and umbrella puzzle pieces which increase as slides proceed.

Umbrella bullet points

The sequence starts at two bullet points and ends at the eighth. There is also scope for recoloring the puzzle pieces and bullet lists. You can also add more text and images to these sample slides.

Bullet list with umbrella

Under the Umbrella Clipart

These are three clipart slides which offer various sample images for use in your slides. You can copy and customize these images according to need. The clipart images can also be recolored from within PowerPoint.

Under the umbrella clipart

This Umbrella and protection themed slide deck has versions for PowerPoint ad Keynote.

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