Best Animated Construction PowerPoint Templates

Construction, roadmaps, team building, business ventures and progress can all be presented using symbols like road blocks, puzzle pieces, building blue prints, etc. The Animated Construction PowerPoint Templates listed below can be used for the aforementioned and many other types of presentation topics.

Animated construction PowerPoint templates

Animated Construction Puzzles PowerPoint Template

This highly customizable jigsaw puzzle template depicts various layouts in the form of construction puzzles. You can not only customize the animated slides by adding your own text and images but also rearrange the various construction puzzle pieces to customize existing layouts.

This animated presentation templates available for PowerPoint for PC and Mac OS X, as well as Keynote for Mac OS X and Keynote for iPad.

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Animated construction puzzles PowerPoint template

Animated Hard Hat Work Safety PowerPoint Template

As the name implies, this template provides various animated illustrations of a hard hat. The opening slide depicts a hard hat with falling debris. The slides that follow provide various other animated layouts that can be customized to suit your presentation topic.

This template is also available for both PowerPoint and Keynote.

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Animated hard hat work safety PowerPoint template

Animated Blueprint Toolkit PowerPoint Template

This building blue print themed template provides layouts that appear like a building blueprint, with rearrangeable slide elements. You can make use of the clipart, animations and generic layouts to make presentations related to construction, business strategy, product promotion and the like.

This template is compatible with all the latest versions of Microsoft PowerPoint, including PowerPoint for Windows and Mac OS X.

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Animated blueprint PowerPoint template

Construction Hardhat with Clipboard Clipart

This simple clipart image shows a stick figure wearing a hard hat, holding a blank clipboard. You can use this clipart in many interesting ways to elaborate your ideas, for example, you can insert this clipart in a slide and add a textbox in the clipboard with your own custom text.

This clipart is available in JPG and PNG formats and you can pick a custom resolution for downloading it.

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Construction hardhat with clipboard clipart

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