Animated Puzzle Piece Template For PowerPoint

One method of making ordinary business diagrams more interesting is to give diagram elements the shape of puzzle pieces. Unfortunately, doing that on your own can be difficult; the good news is we have a puzzle piece template that can help you build jigsaw puzzle like business diagrams.

Animated Puzzle Diagrams PowerPoint Template

With flat design layouts, this puzzle piece template comes with 14 slides, including a title slide and a number of sample diagram slides suitable for making puzzle diagrams, infographics, process cycle diagrams, charts and more. Even the title slide contains three sample diagrams, each with customizable objects. Which means that you can not only copy the entire diagram but also separate its elements, recolor them and copy them across your slides.

Puzzle piece template for PowerPoint

Business Diagrams with Connecting Puzzle Pieces

With the sample diagram slides you can create a number of business diagrams by either adding text to the text-boxes and labeling them or by heavily customizing the given layouts. The template gives a number of symbols within slides which can be quite handy for making your diagram slides. You can even remove these symbols or copy to use them in other slides.

Business diagrams for PowerPoint

Customizable Puzzle Pieces

You can separate a puzzle piece via drag and drop, add overlay symbols in each puzzle piece, recolor, resize and reorder it. Virtually all big and small objects within slides are editable and selectable, which makes customization possibilities pretty much infinite.

Customize puzzle piece template

Create Timelines, Infographics, Process & Cycle Diagrams

Some of the layouts have been designed especially to cater for presenters looking to create timelines, process and cycle diagrams and infographics.

Infographic slide design

You can also add your own images, company logo and text-boxes to give a more personalized look to the diagrams. Similarly, you can change the diagram colors to reflect your company’s colors.

Briefcase slide design

This puzzle piece template is compatible with PowerPoint 2007 and later editions, which includes PowerPoint 2016. For more compatibility details, see the download page.

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