Animated Piggy Bank PowerPoint Template

Before you are old enough to have a bank account, you have a piggy bank. For presentations that require explaining about matters related to finance, business, sales and money in general, the Animated Piggy Bank PowerPoint Template can be just perfect to use.

Three Different Piggy Bank Animation Sequences

This animated PowerPoint template comes divided in three sets, with around 39 sample slides. First comes the opening slide with a piggy bank animation with space for introducing your topic. This is followed by animations of puzzle pieces joining together to form a piggy bank.

Piggy bank PowerPoint template

Piggy Bank Puzzle Piece Animation Sequence

The first sequence displays different number of puzzle pieces per slide with textboxes. The first slide shows two puzzle pieces with placeholders, followed by a three piece piggy bank (as shown below), then a four piece piggy bank and so on.

Piggy bank puzzle pieces

Piggy Bank Bullet List Animation Sequence

The second sequence depicts bullet lists starting from two, three, four, up to ten puzzle pieces forming a piggy bank.

Create bulleted lists with piggy bank animation

You can use these slide sequences to reveal your content in a systematic manner and that too with the aid of animated slides. Each piece of the piggy bank is form upon mouse click, revealing content step by step. All your added text and images are presented with the built-in animation sequence, making it a breeze to customize the slides. This is because all you need to do is to add your own content to make use of the animated slides.

Piggy bank bullet list

Colored Piggy Bank Animation Sequence

The third sequence shows colored puzzle pieces, once again starting with two colored puzzle pieces on a piggy bank.

Colored piggy bank

Below is the ten colored piggy bank slide, with placeholders to explain different parts of your topic. You can also rearrange and resize slides and even change piggy bank colors using PowerPoint Ribbon menu options.

Piggy bank colored pieces

You can grab this piggy bank puzzle toolkit for Keynote and PowerPoint in Standard and Widescreen versions.

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